Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't use the keyword "election" in a blog post today you wont get any hits

3:26 a.m. in the morning before the election.

I found my polling place on the internet. I confirmed I am registered to vote.

I am thinking I should live blog the election. The only problem is that I have to work until 8 pm Arizona time which means the election is going to be over before I get around to figuring out how to "blog mobiley."

I am pretty sure I can mobile blog, but I haven't really tried yet.

If I can. I will.

  • I wonder if there will be riots in the streets
  • I wonder if the Republicans will steal another election
  • I wonder if the Electoral College will produce another presidential winner who did not win the popular vote and if it does will that finally be the last straw for the electoral college?
  • I hope Keith Olberman gets to Anchor the coverage for MSNBC.

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Just some thoughts on the election before it happens.

Keep checking back. And pray for Obama.

12:13 pm

I get out of bed. I am off to shower and dash to the polling booth. Then I will head to work for the next 6 hours. I will attempt some live blogging.


Anonymous said...

I hope you've voted by now. I voted this a.m. without a hitch. Even so, I think I might riot because I haven't rioted since IU won the NCAA basketball championship in 1987. That's a long time between riots.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Well, ROMIUS, you know why I drink in your bar, right? So, set em up Joe-The-Misanthrope. I need a drink.

Yeah, I'm happy. I'm happy that Obama assfucked McCain. I'm happy that I read it right and laid -125 and -169 with Obama at the moment Palinmania was ending. I'm glad for Obama. I'm glad for America and the world. I'm glad because a huge majority of American people did the right thing for once in their lives. I'm glad because aside from everything else he is Obama is one of the best candidates I've ever seen and has the best leadership qualities.

I should be hopping up and down instead of drinking straight booze in your bar.

I drinking because there's something rotten going on and I can't quite put my finger on it exactly but I know that Rahm Emmanuel's announcement Tuesday morning that he was offered Chief Of Staff is part of what's bugging me.

Think of who has been mentioned for important posts in the administration. Powell. Gates. Paulson. Summers. Voeckler (who's the most LIBERAL of the bunch and he's a super strict monetarist), And now...RAHM EMMANUEL. A farright Zionist Expansionist Freakazoid.

Since when were they so close? You'd think he'd want Plouffe or Holder or Jesse Jackson Jr...someone he knows and trusts.

Obama has not mentioned one old friend or one progressive yet. Tons of "reaching across the aisle" but not yet one even regular Democrat.

Is this just going to be Chimpy with darker skin? Or is it going to be a LITTLE change at least?

There's a guy out there for whom this Emmanuel think is a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Aside from Gore, this is the only person in the party Obama can't push around now because this guy really and truly doesn't give a shit.

When AIPAC came calling on Obama, Obama was right there promising Israel the moon and the stars.

The other guy? 4 years ago? AIPAC came sniffing around him and he said "get the fuck away from me...my sons are Jewish, my wife's Jewish...whatever it is you want from me you can't have."

The first governor to sign a civil unions bill into law. Teh first governor to sign a single-payer health insurance bill into law. Still, the most powerful pacifist in the party.

It's Howard Dean, buddy. And make no mistake about this. He's coming around to collect because Obame OWES him. For forgiving Obama for fucking up the only 2006 race that meant something to him PERSONALLY. For arranging Obama to have the nomination with no hassles or floor votes from Clinton. For keeping quiet through a lot of real bullshit that was part of the platform: escalation in South Asia, no real commitment to withdrawal from Iraq, and more or less the opposite of what he ran on in 2004 and what he ran the party on in 2006. Abd the man can raise money. He invented this online game.

This is the guy Obama needs around. He's had Obama's back the whole way with worse than no reciprocity. Obama's been a shit to the guy.

And he's the wrong guy to mess with because unlike all the other behind the scenes power players, Howard Dean does not give a shit about any of the social nicities in Washihngton at all. His roots go back to the framers of the constitution and he grew up filty blueblood rich. But left his family at 16 because he hated their bigoted views and snobbish lifestyle and he wanted no part of any of that. And not only did he never settle up with his parents, he got his brother to leave with him! The most important mentor in Dean's life was Rev W J Sloane Coffin and getting a pacifist and one of his best friends elected to the senate in connecticut and knocking out Lieberman with Jim Dean running the campaign was going to be the cherry on top of his big win in 2006, for Dr Coffin. For peace instead of war.

And Obama and the Clintons come to connecticut to campaign not for Lamont the DEMOCRAT but for LIEBERMAN. They're not finished with Dean yet not by a long shot. Come January Obama, the Clintons, Emmanuel and Schumer try to boot Dean out of the DNC chair in favor of some conservative asshole Harold Ford Jr. So, Dean says "do what you have to, but we'll take a vote of the party members or maybe one of you probably Master Ford will go to prison also..."

Obama has to get right with this guy and get progressive and tough. That's the kind of guy you want. Howard Dean is fearless. You watcch what happens after 2010. When there's more war going on than even Bush had. When the health care crisis is worse. And the financial crisis has become full blown depression. And there's Obama and the Clintons and Emmanuel and Schumer and Lieberman planning to put 10 million Hasidics in the Occupied Territories.

You'll hear a familiar refrain "I'm Howard Dean. I represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic party...." Or, he and his brother could just raise a billion dollars and give it to the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Progressive Caucus and leave a troubled presidency with out a friend in the world who isn't a Republican or a Republican.

Romius T. said...


i have the same feelings you have about obama. will he be tuff enough?

I have a friend who talked about substance and style finally coalesing in obama.

I need to get him to tell me again what the hell he meant.

I tried my best to summarize what think will be happening in the future in the next post.

it changed a lot from my idea while i was watching obama's acceptance speech when I finally got around to tyoing at home.

i have more but will need to do a better job of recollecting!


i voted for obama around 1 pm my time

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Tough enough? Christ, man, he flopped top set and folded to a flush draw betting into him!