Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Mom Part 2: We havle already lived the nightmare and his name was Geroge Bush

Dear Mom,

I know you are concerned about President Elect Hussein and his socialist ways. I wrote a blog post about Barrack Obama where I talked about lowering your expectations for him if you are a liberal.

Obama is not about to usher in a sensible world of changes that could lead to socialist revolution.

He is going to lower the taxes on the poor and working class because he honors hard work and he thinks that the government should not tax the those with the lowest incomes.

Republicans give tax cuts to the wealthy in the hopes that trickle down economics isn't voo doo economics even though we all know it is.

He is going to raise taxes on the wealthy only back to the point where they were at with Clinton (which by the way were lower than taxes under Eisenhower and Reagan).

Under Clinton we had a balanced budget, and a strong economy.

Regarding the article you had me read, the guy mentions bad presidents and doesn't bring up Bush. How is that possible? We have lived the nightmare of possibilities that the article you suggested mentions, only his name was George Herbert Walker Bush.

Under Bush the North Koreans got the Nuclear Bomb. Under Bush Pakistan traded nuclear secrets. Under Bush we had the worst Terrorist attacks in our nations history. We have the largest deficits in history. We have 2 wars Bush did not win. We have the rape of the constitution. We have torture. We have a list of social problems and ills that were not addressed. We gave tax cuts to the oil companies when they were making record profits. We had a president lie about the reasons he took us to war. I could go on and on.

If all Obama does is allow one nation to get nukes, allow the worst economic recession since the 1970's (maybe even since the depression), expand the scope of government to include federal involvement into health care (prescriptions for seniors cost billions) and education (no child left behind), suspend the 4th amendment, allow the poisoning of our water, the humiliation of America before the world by allowing one of our great cities to die like New Orleans, etc.

Oh, and lose two wars, then all we would have is another Bush.* And somehow America managed to survive Bush. Maybe God does bless America.

*Another Bush another bailout.*

Why do the Bushes always lie to get us into wars in the Gulf (yes they lied about the first one too!) and allow evil doers to profit off the taxes of the American people?

*The bailouts (both bushes had them) are larger than food stamps and welfare payments. That is redistribution of the wealth. So is the decline percentage of taxes paid by corporations. No one calls that redistribution on the right.

No one on the right calls corporate give aways welfare even when we hand Wall Street a trillion dollars. Because we accept socialism for the rich in this country rather than for the poor. Food stamps cost about 40 billion dollars a year. The bailouts are more money than we have spent on food stamps and child welfare since they were created.

Working people need to understand the scope of the massive attack they were under during the Bush years. The Bushes care only about the rich. They engage is class warfare. They take tax dollars away from the poor and give them to the rich and to the powerful.

The massive tax cuts they give to the wealthy are part of a carefully orchestrated destruction of the effectiveness of government. Is it any wonder than when a Republican is in office how ineffective government is? I am not just talking red tape. I am talking Katrina.

When you cut taxes on the Wealthy you get smaller revenues*

*I could go off on this. The founder of Voo Doo economics, and the inventor of the Laffer curve, and the creator of that massively stupid Republican talking point that, "cutting taxes increases government revenues" has himself admitted - along with David Stockman Ronald Reagan's Budget chief- that in fact that is not the case, and it never was, and cutting taxes was never intended to increase revenues.

But I digress.

If you Cut Taxes. Decrease revenues. Keep the military budget (this is untouchable despite the fact that we spend more on military that the rest of the world combined) then you have to cut social programs. That is the whole plan for Republicans. Cut the safety net, "privatize Social Security"--umm anyone glad your Republican party did not do that now?

Is it no wonder working people see the government not working for them?

Gut the overtime laws, stop enforcing workers rights and safety laws. Cut the safety net. All that does is make negotiations at the labor bargaining table easier on corporations. And all it does is spread wealth upwards.

I am against redistribution too, Only I am against the wealthy and the powerful taking from the poor and defenseless.

History will tell us that the worst President ever managed to screw things up so badly it won't matter who wins this election, because all that president will have time to do is fix the problems of the last 8 years.

I don't expect Obama to be our savior. I don't expect billions to be spent on energy independence that could lead to a dramatic new way of reorganizing our society.

(What if we pooled our resources and paid for solar to power the U.S. We would have free energy in a few decades that would allow a huge saving relief for future generations. Maybe people would have to work less and ...Oh I won't dream about those kind of possibilities.)

Obama is just another democrat. Our vicious consumer life is not in danger from him.

The only danger is that he will fix capitalism long enough for it to continue onward. Where is will grow stronger and more reckless and eventually so destructive that "expropriators will be expropriated."

But not in time for us to reap the benefits, I am afraid.

(I will update later with links to prove my verify the facts y'all. My apologies to Fawkes for another boring political blog post.)


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This is Fawkes... It seems to have automatically logged me out and I am too lazy to attempt to scavenge through emails for my password xD

I refuse to keep my boredom to myself. I must make my feelings known.

I got up to the end of the title on this one. Once I realized that it pertained to politics I decided just to skip it all. I've had my fill of all this election crap through school, work, and my personal life. I feel no need to look upon the matter again.

I'll probably start to actually read again once I see a title that relates to chicks, bars, bras, and so on...

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honey smacks,

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I am glad you release all your feelings and don't hold it in so you don't get an ulcer. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, the mantle of genius bestowed upon me must be earned, and who cares if artists are sensitve and easily beaten down by even the slightest criticism. I am sure all your negativity will only serve to broaden my appeal and force me to serve the target auidence of madison ave. .. 16 year old boys.

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