Friday, November 07, 2008

Compared to a shut in I live the high life

I wish I was disabled. That way when people asked me what I do with my free time I would have a ready made excuse for them. I'm not disabled, but I sure seem to shit like one of them. I shat green again and this time I would say there is no way it was caused by dyes or the food I ate. I probably have some kind of intestinal thing that people get before they know they have AIDS.

I did not take a picture of this shit, but it was green and nasty and I kinda wished I did just to get all of you who think I am making this stuff up in my head off my case. I may have some mental problems, but hallucinations are not one of them.

I'm going to try and give up all the antacids and see if that helps. If it doesn't then I will give up and shit in a cup for a doctor and when I am diagnosed with something terrible I want a lot of sympathy.

All I did today was eat pizza with a couple of friends and run errands. I went to the bank. I got a haircut . I cleaned up around the house and did dishes. I vacuumed. I know that has nothing to do with strippers, and I know some of you only read this blog to read about strippers , but I just got told that my podcast/blog talks to much about strippers.

Apparently he the Las Vagas Podcast better than he liked my latest man-tastic day podcast. Something about being embarrassed for me when he heard me talk about having a crush on a girl and how it was possible that the girl could find the podcast and know what a dork I am. Like she doesn't know that about me already.

It turns out that my friends feel like they get to criticize my podcast and blog because they think if they waste 20 minutes of their lives listening to the "whole" podcast they earn the right to criticise my work. I think they are wrong. The only people who get to criticize me are my loyal readers who join the community of losers we have here at this blog. My readers invest all kinds of time with me and give back feedback and add to the discussion. What would this blog be without commentors like Fawkes , Kelso, freddy, d-cup, and the cereal girls?

Either way my friend wants to think "20 minutes of effort" on a plane trip counts. Like I don't know the only other source of entertainment on a plane flight is the flight attendant spilling drinks on you, and the screaming kids in the seat behind you tapping on your head. He thinks that means he is allowed to make judgements about me and this blog. Well if you think you can make all that without a response from me you are crazy. And if you think I am going to stop talking about strippers you are even crazier.


Roger Bell said...

I hope the green poop is not a sign of anything serious, but unless you ate a lot of green veggies, it might be something to ask your MD about.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

ROMIUS: I still say try a fruits and veggie diet for two days and some psyllium fiber and then panic.

You have to be HEALTHY to SMASH THE STATE!

If you don't believe in capitalism, what were you doing playing poker, winding your watch?I hope if you won, you gave the money back, at least.

But you don't have to worry. You can go the strippers and the cardroom with a clear conscience. Bush already smashed the state and gave you Stalinism. Obama is not a "socialist" but he sure is a Stalinist, too. OK, he's Krushschev or Brezhnev not Stalin.

War in Afghanistan and an Empire in the Middle East. Worthless currency. Military-based economy and society with each industry doing part-time free work for security apparatus and run by monopolistically-competitive or actual non-natural monopolies which are just PRODUCTION FACILITIES called "corporations." Anyother civilian aircraft manufacturers left besides Boeing? Allegiance to flag a must.

How many pharameutical companyies? Banks? Movie studios? Chain retail stores?

Romius T. said...


i hope I am not dying as well. one day I will visit the doctor.


I thought we covered how I have given up smashing the state. The pigs have won. I am a beaten man.