Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Episodes 1-4 of the Self Help Center Podcast (updated with updated goodness!)

Hey there you bunch of savages. Yes, I just nicknamed all my readers "savages" get over it. Episodes 1-4 of the podcast are up and ready. Digg has not yet placed me on their site. If you have a request, or a suggestion for a an archived blog post that would make a great podcast send your request at

Or leave me a voice mail at 623-239-0852.
I will play it on the podcast!

I've removed the my podcast player because I can't disable the automatic play feature. But you can still subscribe to the podcast at Apple's I-tunes by clicking HERE.

Or you can visit my feed at Switchpod to listen or download any episode. Over a 123 downloads can't be wrong!

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Anonymous said...

OH my god. You can't still be going to Fat Tues. on Mill. It's wrong.