Sunday, February 24, 2008


My manager likes to make jokes that I should quit stealing all the good customers. I seem to never get the hot chicks, I get people with exact change. Speaking of change most of my customers don't seem to be too happy with the gender that god assigned to them at birth. About 45% of the shoppers at my work are homeless transgendered people.

I didn't know that you that could be transgendered and homeless. I thought you had to go to all kinds of therapy to get psychoanalyzed. I thought you needed tons of cash or a good insurance company to get the fake tits, electrolysis, and hormone therapy. I guess you could just do what these guys do and go transgendered on the cheap. Forego the electrolysis for 3 day old beard growth. Stuff your bra, add some chipped nail polish and cheap eyeliner and hope for the best. I guess you have to kinda admire that kind of hope in a person.

Even with all that hope my transgendered customers are never happy. It's always the same story every time they come in. They dig in their pockets for 78 of the 87 cents it takes to buy the cheapest microwaveable dinner. I think my homeless t/shopper works at a repair shop changing oil, or he hasn't washed his hands for a good year or two. I have no idea why these wanna be trannies buy frozen microwave dinners. I mean do homeless transgendered people have access to microwave ovens? I guess that's why my homeless friends always cry on the way out the door. I think some part of their brain wakes up and tells them, "even though you bought food you are still going to be hungry tonight." One final thought, I am in no way implying that Amanda Bynes looks like a transexual.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

God damn that's funny.

Romius T. said...

why thank you sir!

Pain said...

"One final thought, I am in no way implying that Amanda Bynes looks like a transexual."

Sure you're not . . . We can see into your Soul!

Romius T. said...

damn you devil's! I admit it!