Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Butcher. The Baker. The Candlestick maker. An introduction to a done deal.

I have decided to Interrupt whatever narrative flow this blog may have in order to take advantage of some of Blogger's new advances.

I am going to post the 2 missing posts about my short grocery store career. That way if you click on the grocery store work blog label then you will get all the posts from both of my blogs together.

Sorry to interrupt all the alone time you've had lately with my light posting.

I am working in a bakery at a local grocery store.

My job consists of placing endless rows of toll house cookies on baking sheets and then into a giant oven big enough to bake several Jews.

I am gonna let you in on a little secret. Flies. The Flies. Big juicy southern Florida flies. Big enough to put on the grill.

A brief intro to the cast of characters:

Marci de sade-

Married with 4 kids. Her husband is 'well connected' within the AB. That's the Aryan Brotherhood to you and me. Her father has given her a Walmart card that he pays off. I tease her relentlessly regarding this. She has asked me if "I wanted to go shopping with it."

Key Talents:Cake decorator and perhaps the finest double barreled fly swatter I have ever seen.

Favorite quote:"Ever had an abscessed tooth? I have one."

About J. -

Female co-worker who worked as a penal officer in a maximum security prison.

Her only regret? When she had the chance to kill a prisoner, she only wounded him.

Key talent. Good with a shotgun.

Favorite Quote:"Can anyone do with out 10 dollars until Tuesday?"

About Me-

Secretly rated Mike and the Mechanics "Nobody's Perfect" as a 4 Star song on his Yahoo Radio Player.

Key Talents:

Using both charm and wit, convinces people the purple Pontiac Sunfire he often borrows from his mother doesn't make him gay. Took it upon himself to "once daily" check the cake freezer display and dump all the frozen flies from the cake lids. Has yet to be on time.

M&M-The boss.

Likes-to throw boxes around and yell.

Dislikes-customers who only buy from the discount rack.

Favorite quote:"Ignore me."

Fun Facts about my former job:

No less than 3 dogs along the 4 mile walk route to work must be avoided in order to arrive safely. Two of the dogs are of "Marmadukian proportions."

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