Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Live Bloggin the Election with your host Romius T.

9:41 p.m.

Maybe my near total loss of faith in American Democracy isn't valid. MSNBC is projecting a huge "wave" for the democrats. I thought with all of Karl Rove's "just you see" smirks that he had fixed those Diebold's to go his way.

But then I heard rumors that the DemoCrats had gotten tuff and started in on the election fraud too. Maybe that's what got it for us.

Hardball's Chris Matthews needs to give Governor Dean a break about his position on Iraq. He knows that Dean is against the war. That doesn't mean that we can just "get up and leave."

I know Chris Matthews is spinning that he was always against the War in Iraq, but I know that ain't true.

Matthews should also avoid the word "Tsunami" I find that word to be on par with the "N" word. We're just not allowed to use that word anymore after Katrina. And those Indonesian disasters.


Florida's Governorship is called the Repooplicans. Boo. Christ he's so gay too! Why are all the male politicians in Florida gay?
I've been pumping MSNBC because of their Internet broadcast coverage.
I am eating all my nieces Halloween candy. I mention this because I just turned on CNN and saw how fat Bill Bennet is.
Q. What's the percentage of folks that can delude themselves about a candidate in Virginia?
A. 56% of Virginians think George "Macca" Allen respects minorities.
How come gerrymandering didn't work for the Republicans? All it took was a disaster of a War, lying, sex scandals, etc, etc. for the Dem's to finally pull it off.
All my fellow bloggers don't forget to email me and leave comments I will post . Let's make this interactive. Next time I do something like this I promise to give some advanced warning. My readers are so damn funny I would love to get them all involved.
Rick Perry of Texas was just re-elected. This prevents the possibility of the funniest governor of all time Kinky Friedman.Kinky enjoys giving the middle finger more than Britney ever loved K-fed.
In her acceptance speech, Hillary Clinton looks like a banana wearing a pearl necklace. Funny, the biggest applause line Hillary got was for congratulating Eliot (the next President of the United States) Spitzer for his victory in the New York State Governorship.
Speaking of speeches, the first time I ever liked or had respect for Senator Rick Santorum was his concession speech. Go to the MSNBC video page to watch it. Rick is human? C'mon. Where's the hate man? It's the hate that got you where you are. Fuckin' homos didn't vote for ya, huh?
Heath Shuler the former NFL quarterback wins an election as a democrat. Olbermann's comment was hilarious "he finally completed a pass." He never did that in the NFL. Since I am a Cowboy fan when he played for the team that cannot be mentioned I was always happy to see him suit up.
Democrats win the House! MSNBC calls the election in the House for the good guys! Subpoena power means an investigation into the Downing Street Memo.
Jon Stewart is on.
Fox still has not called it. They have the Dem's at 13 seats.
The Daily show calls the election against Katherine Harris. Ahh. Kathy loses.
Dan Rather makes his first appearance on my TIVO'd edition of the Midtacular. On Hillary's landslide "She Run Away With It Like a Hobo with a Sweet Potato Pie."
I guess this is how you are supposed to LIVE Blog!
I was gonna make a joke about Heath Shuler's carrer stats, but they won't come up on NFL.com. Democrat election trick? You decide!
Senator Allen of Virginia went to bed and won't concede. Concede Senator Allen! Concede! I guess I might as well go to bed then too. Visions of Chris Matthews running through my head. But anything is better than a naked Andrea Mitchell running through it.


katie schwartz said...

you know dear romius, I would love to be you for a day. your mind is so frenetic-funny-wise.

love the updates.

romiustexis said...

Thanks Katie!

I would love to be you for a day. Because I love titties and you have 'em. I could just play with 'em all day, wouldn't even leave the house.

Jezebelsriot said...

You are just ungodly funny. And advanced warning would have made this a little more interactive, but the comments are hilarious- John Stewart may have stolen your job.

I love how smirky the Dems are now- like they actually did something and not that the Repubs just self-destructed.

romiustexis said...

That fucking Jon Stewart doesn't even know how to spell his name. He's a quadrillionare and i am eating tuna fish sandwiches.

Tell me that's fair.

In Communist Russia I would be big I tell you ..BIG!!!