Monday, November 20, 2006

Sneaky Robots are gaining on us

Don't look back in the mirror. If you do you may notice just how fast the Robot Uprising is approaching!

I haven't been keeping you up to date on all the horrific things out there, but that is just because it is all too scary and because nobody cares.

And since I want to be famous I normally will keep to posting about things you care about.

Now for the stuff you don't:

The Computer has over taken the human brain as the fastest and largest instrument of computational power. The Psych Pundit explains:

"As you may know, the brain is exquisitely designed to process information. Its array of 100 billion neurons, interconnected in a lattice of 100 trillion synapses (connections), is capable of processing an estimated 100 trillion pieces of information every second. This is an unfathomably large amount of computation."

None of my readers knew that Mr. Fancy Pants Scientist. We only knew that K-Fed had written something very obscene to Ms. Spears on a bathroom wall.

"For the first time in history, the human brain was supplanted as the most powerful computer on earth. That distinction is now held by an IBM supercomputer known as Blue-Gene/L, which clocked in this past October at an astonishing 280 trillion operations per second. It has about three times more processing capacity than the human brain!"

Luckily enough for us all that computational power is not going to waste, but instead is being used to improve our national nuclear missile arsenal.

Over at they have a link that showcases a militarized robot that can choose to kill you or not. And if you think you can defeat Robots with guns, you are dumber than marrying an unemployed backup dancer without a prenuptial agreement. That's because Robots can now heal themselves.

We are all fucked. Not as fucked as K-Fed now that he will have to survive on his own. Because some of us still have skills the robots will desire after the overthrow. Me? I am gonna be a love slave. I have always wanted to be a "house" human.


DrugMonkey said...

Do robots need drugs? Can they get addicted to Vicodin? Can they *gulp* process their own insurance claims?


Romius T. said...

I think the robots on futuroma got drunk and addicted. They also seemed incapable of filling out forms, so I think you are all good!

Jezebelsriot said...

I would also like to be the love slave. Hell, I take it from the battery operated vibrating robotics now.

I'm glad you removed the word verification- got on my damn nerves.

Romius T. said...

Robot Fucker.