Thursday, May 01, 2008

Self Help Podcast # 18

Spread the love. Here is volume 18 of the Self Help Podcast. My voice is not creepy. My podcast is age appropriate for young school children. My podcast has still not been added to One day when I am famous you will regret not getting in on the ground floor of this opportunity.

Head over to my podcast home page page at Switchpod where you can listen to and download any or all of the exciting 18 episodes. You can vote on each individual episode and you can give my podcast a rating. I expect it will be a 5. So far I average 2.86 on 44 votes. I think we can do better. I am celebrating the 2 month and 10 day anniversary of this podcast.

I had no idea I would get to 300 downloads so slowly. I totally would have never started this podcast if I knew that. I have more listeners subscribing to me on short wave radio than download this podcast. And by shortwave radio I mean I bought a walkie talkie and cross the antenna with my black and white 13 inch tv antenna.

Somehow that boosts my signal strength and pisses off the short wave radio operator down the street. Sometimes I pickup cordless phone conversations on people who still have a phone that was built in the 1980's. God bless the 80's, old people and the few idiot drug dealers still willing to have conversations that way.

Speaking of bullshit ...I got banned over at the Drunken Stepfather. It seems his forum is full of 14 year old girls who think my blog posts are obscene or something. I thought about getting pissed off at Jesus Martinez (aka The drunk stepfather) but he told me he doesn't even run the forum someone else does and that I must have pissed off or offended some guy but he would try and intervene if I promised to stop posting jailbait. I thought that was a bit hypocritical of to suggest to me that I should stop posting about jailbait, because all the jailbait I post I steal from his site and told him so.

He must have taken me seriously because he did not send me one of his famous e-mail rants and I think he even tried asking the lame-o who banned me to un-ban me. But that being said I think I just lost the links I posted to this website on this forum and that means I will lose half my traffic which is ok by me as most of those guys from the forums were douche bags who hated this blog even though the only difference between me and Jesus Martinez was that I discovered paragraph formatting before him and he posts pics of hot pregnant chicks.

In other bad news that is not really bad news, I had yesterday off from work because I got suspended for coming being late too often. I was 7 minutes late the other day, and now I can't be late for a good 3 months or so which means I will start taking shifts that start at 6 pm so I can get up in time for work. I did get around to finding a cassette player adapter for my mp3 player; however, so the day was not a total loss.

The past few posts have had something to do with work but I don't feel like adding a label to them because they just don't feel "worky" enough. The reason this post has dragged on so long is I keep updating it because I hate posting more than once a day here because I think it kills the aesthetic I am known for. I hope you all appreciate all the shit I go through just to get this blog up and running.

All that said I am now going to say goodbye to a cool blog buddy. D-Cup has retired and that means I will have to find almost naked pictures of boobs, political disccusion, and childrearing advice elsewhere. Good Luck in your life D-cup. NOw that you have stopped blogging you can have a life in the real world. I found life outside too hard so that is why you guys are stuck with me for a while.


DCup said...

Thanks, Sugar. When I put out that comeback cd, I'll let you know. Maybe the first song will be "Me and Romius T."

See you around the internets, maybe.

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