Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cooking with Romius T. subtitle: I make lasagna. I learn how to say Riccota. My IGF would not eat my cooking.

I feel like maybe I should say something about that last post. I'm not going to because that would cause us to have to re-examine the old post and I would have to explain what I was really trying to say. That was my old job at this blog; to say the things I thought. I still feel the need to explain things sometimes, but my new job is to be a popular blogger because everybody I know can write better than me, so I will just try to be popular blogger from now on, and if there is one thing popular bloggers do it's a cooking segment so here is mine.

I really can't afford to make lasagna but I did anyway. I may have to get rid of Netflix or stop paying on my truck insurance, but sweet cheesy goodness has its price and apparently I am willing to pay it.

I am having a little problem deciding on how to tell you the story of my lasagna. I am not sure if I should give you the recipe that I would have liked to use, or just tell you what I actually did to make the lasagna. The way I made it might worry some of you, but here goes.


I noticed that the pasta was close to 2 years old but I used it anyway. If it makes my IGF feel better I did not use any of the open old pasta boxes just the old unopened pasta boxes. I am sure pasta is good forever or at least 3 years so I think I will be ok. I think the jars of pasta sauce were like 6 months past due date. I would not normally eat something that past due but they sell these jars at the salvage grocery all the time and if someone was going to die from that I think they would have died by now.

All the cheese I bought was fresh. But my ground beef was frozen and I even used the microwave to defrost it. I know a real chef would not do that but this "Cooking with T" segment was built more for the woman who hates to cook food for her child and husband, and a lot less for the epicurean. No child in the world will complain that you microwaved the meat before cooking it. And your husband will wonder why you insisted on frying it up on the skillet. He will consider that trick of yours to be something straight out of culinary school.

I layered the pasta and cheese and meat like normal and shoved it all into an oven at 375 degrees for an hour just like the box says. The box does not have directions for doubling up the recipe like I did so I put the pan back in the over for another half hour or so and too k the cover of foil off for the last 15 minutes. I can tell you that 10 minutes is more than enough to get your lasagna brown because mine nearly got burnt. Some of it did but it is not as bad as it seems.

I tried it and my lasagna came out a bit dry. My IGF says the longer you cook the lasagna the dries it gets so maybe doubling up on the ingredients is not such a good thing after all.


IGF said...

along with improving your health, we need to work on how to construct a proper lasagna. the list continues to grow........


Romius T. said...

nothing makes a woman happier than finding a flaw in her b/f as it gives her the task to set about correcting him

igf said...

correction: nothing makes a woman happier than finding flawS in her b/f.

what can i say? everyone likes a project!

Romius T. said...

I stand corrected

Shadetree said...

You have pictures of food but you never update your myspace with new pictures.

Romius T. said...

since when did you start reading the blog? Is it becauase you heard I added pictures?