Friday, May 30, 2008

I can't figure out the semicolon in my life

Every day I wake up I head over to the scale to weigh myself. If I weigh in at under 215 pounds I get to keep talking to my internet girlfriend. Most days I am stuck at 212 so all is good. If I eat too much and go over my limit I text message my IGF and she writes me back with all kinds of ways to lose weight quickly, because she loves me and does not want to have to go without talking to me for long. I really think that is great of her.

I should tell you that the 212 lbs is my real weight and I no longer weigh in at 218 which is what I was weighing before I gave up beer. I assumed quiting beer would get me a few pounds slimmer more than it has, but I guess all the candy I have been eating in its place was not a good weight loss idea.

I decided to make the lasagna that I wanted to make yesterday. I didn't make it a day ago because I could not afford to. I say to hell with that now though. I am going to buy the ingredients tonight. All I need is some ricotta cheese. I think I will post a "cooking with romius t" entry in regards to the recipe and what not. I will include pictures of the baked and finished product for you to drool over.

Has anyone noticed how I am talking like a redneck lately?

If I sound like a redneck now I think it is because I figured out that writing with big words was the quickest way to say "look at me I am smart," along with avoiding that kind of writing I stopped adding the melodramatic poetic sing song I used to incorporate into all my writing. For a while there I was also badly trying to imitate Charles Bukowski. My idea of writing like Charles was to introduce as many periods into a sentence as possible. I am sorry about that.

Below is an example of trying to hard to seem smart from my favorite new blogger Gracie "the stripper."

"Depending on your mood, stripping is a celebration of human sexuality, a revolt against hegemony, an exercise in frustration, a study in existential loneliness -- all this, and more, and all at once. "

"You're Full of Shit And So Is Everyone Else. Not only is there a literal pound or two of fecal matter in your gut right now, but every particle of matter in your body has already passed through the body of earthworm, and will again. The most exciting accomplishment of your life -- transforming from a tiny mass of undifferentiated cells into a functioning homo sapiens -- has been accomplished by every other human being on earth. The arrogance of those who present their opinions as more valid than the opinions of anyone on earth, their morals as somehow more moral, is boggling to me."

I hate to pick on Gracie as she is my favorite new blogger, but I thought someone needed to address a few points that she makes in her post "a beginner's guide to pissing me off.". I am not sure when it became fashionable to be an epistemological relativist in addition to being a moral relativist, but I think the conversion of the populace to relativism has more to do with a failure to grasp philosophical logic than any actual sympathy to the relativist point of view.

"The arrogance of those who present their opinions as more valid than the opinions of anyone on earth, their morals as somehow more moral, is boggling to me."

I hardly need to point out that Gracie is making a performative contradiction. She insists that "no one's point of view or opinion is better than anyone else's" and that seems to be making the case that her opinion that "all opinions are equal" is better than everyone else's opinion that "some opinions are ok but some opinions smell like freshly wiped ass."

But I don't really think that is what she meant to say. Perhaps what she meant to say was that on "issues of taste " no person can be incorrect because the matter is subjective. That really is a different argument than what Gracie was making above, but I have a feeling that people making arguments from a relative epistemological point of view would be sympathetic to that perspective. In addition I think many people assume the two points are the same and they aren't.

I really think Gracie has confused the two subjects and confusion seems to be the normal condition of most arm chair philosophers. Maybe because most people only think about philosophy when they are drinking or pissed off. They assume philosophical positions (decisions) are a lot like decisions to like a particular color of kool-aid. I like red and you like blue. I can take the philosophical position that blue is better than red, but I can't really prove my thesis, because it is all subjective and taste is matter of opinion.

I think that kind of thinking about philosophy is wrong headed. But I can't save you all from thinking like that.


DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...


She's not that great a writer. The stripper. She can construct sentences and paragraphs ok, but no spark. No reason to read other than it gives you a chance to think about naked women.

Or maybe I'm just jealous because I'm not your favorite anymore.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the monkey-guy. she's not that great. you just like her 'cause she has boobs you have the potential of touching and she uses big words. although you wouldn't want those two things at once.


Romius T. said...

Drung monkey

You are right about why I like to read her, though I must say I posted her worst writing on purpose, when she writes as a work blog her stories are pretty good and I would encourage you to try a few to see if your opinion sticks.

By the way I said she was my favorite "new" blogger. You sir are still the best "old" blogger.

Dear PErv,

You are so right about the 2 things at once. I do like the fact that she gets naked and for 10 dollars i can feel away. But I really posted her crappies entry on purpose...

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