Monday, March 31, 2008

A Zombie Jesus teXt message

A Zombie Jesus teXt Message continues the story of FLo Jo, Zombie Jesus, and El Caminos from Sir Freida Bee.

Zombie Jesus
so sorry
me love you
long time
not like u

u no love me
no mo
'gone and got ya
a boy friend

leff me
all high and dri
left yo' babby daddy

you used to call me
babby daddy

even tho'
all them chillin's
was never mine
not one of them buns
in your oven
was my seed

leff me cryin
oustide yo' house
in my shoes

I cry in my Helio
typeing messages
u never read

cuz I so sad
just a beat ol man
who got no use leff in 'em

so out you go
closing the sceen door behind ya
with a whack
driving off in that
old el camino

I sit jibber jabbin
making no sense
counting the ways up I love you
counting for days for sure

I'm still sittin'
here in prison
and trying to wrap my head around it

why you shot me that day

I remember
the good ol' days
when use
loved me

when all use did
was shout out to the preacher man
my name
and I came back to ya

wanted to show you my scars
wanted to tell you
how it sure hurt
up on those crosses
how i wished
you'd tear 'em down

I's as rich
as a poor man
can be
and I aint got no el camino
to drive you off in

I guess all
yo' kids and chillins
would be wearin
some old hand me downs
if we moved in

but somtime
I bet you think
about how'd
you's wash my feet
and tell me
you thoughts my
feet was nice
and how normally feet "turn you off"
but not mine

I still hate you gettin that abortian
Cuz I love to see you and
your big belly
and I love how
the milk starts dribbiling out
a few months
in to your expectin'

and weren't you
gonna keep me up to date
on your titties?
and how they got some brown in 'em again
now that you was pregnant again
just cuz you hate having them brown titties
is no good god damn reason
to go getting that baby cut out o' ya

I swears
I was so mad
I was seeing red that day
I was goin' to learn ya a lesson
I was

I tole ya
I dont mind
another man's seed in ya
I get off on it
and I like banging ya
when I know ya's preggars
and stuffed
by a big dick

I sure dont know
I was born
so small

but i never heard
ya complain

my little plan
was to let ya fool around on me
I wanted to catch ya in the act
and jack off
peepin' thru the door lock
thas all ruined now

and I sit
about how I got no one

but you sure enuff
got someone
cuz u always finda way to get some
yous a bit of a fluesy
like that

and di ya notice
I skipped the c word?
I wasn't gonna
but ya get pissier
than the devil
worked up over apples
whenever I use that talk

o babymamma
Ima call ya that...

no matter about that abortion
no matter that you got his
picture up on your myspace

i knew
when i bought
you that helio

it would cum
to no good use
just plasterin'pics of u 'n him
all kissy faced

that sure sparked me
got me all fired up
made me run to get my shotgun
made me find you
hoarin' it up at

I took care of em didn't i?

write me back Flo Jo
I miss u
and its cold
and can you send me some money
for the prison cantina?

all i get is
bologna sandwhiches
im so sick of baloney

I miss u


Freida Bee said...

The most offensive thing in your message is that you called me sir. Just 'cause I'm a fat lesbian who doesn't shave doesn't mean you get to call me sir!

Your letter has been delivered (by email,) Ma'am.

Ah's werkin' up ma nerve ta post it!

Freida Bee said...

Ma Lord an' Savior- Ah hope you's ready 'cause ain't nobody else gonna love me now! (Ah posted it.)

Romius T. said...

I forgot that I added the "sir" but recall that sir is a title of royalty and not a gender thingy.