Friday, May 04, 2007

Top Story from Lindy Slinger World News Headquarters

I want to apologize to my thirteen readers B.F. L. (before Lindy Slinger) who don't have a fucking clue who Lindy Slinger is or why I am now dedicating my weblog to becoming the World Resource for Lindy Slinger News.

I've tried hijacking the fame of some B-List celebrities before. Steve Nash's wife, Jessica Hawn, and Lisa Loeb to name a few. But sometimes I restrict myself to hard news like reporting on the existence of 4 legged humans. Seems like yesterday I was considered Google's number 1 source for info on Human Quadrupeds.

Human Quadrupeds draw less traffic to blogs than speculations about Lindy Slinger's breasts.

I got only 600 hits a day for a while for that work. But I've gotten several thousand hits a day for my little musings on Lindy Slinger. And y'all know I want to become famous.

A noted reaction to Lindy around the blogger sphere is to comment about her perceived lack of beauty. Mostly by bloggers with girlfriends half as cute as she. Wait who am I kidding, none of those bloggers have girlfriends.

Lindy Slinger Sighting!

She makes her way to Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun!

Don't take my word for it. Take the word of some other random blogger. He claims that "Last night, I went to the Phoenix Suns game with my good friend Bob."

"After the game we’re in traffic waiting to get on the freeway and I notice this little arm resting in the open window of a Suburban. Then I see this girl lean forward and look out the window at me, smile, then sit back. It was an instant and I said to Bob, “Dude, that’s Brady Quinn in that ride. That’s his chick!”

I can't believe I was so close to getting to meet Lindy in the Flesh! Also I just knew that Lindy would have a "tiny arm."

From Lindy Slinger World News Headquarters in Tempe:

Romius T.

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