Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day, I have to stop eating at Wendy's

I ate there again today. At one point I was there with 6 college aged girls. 3 of those girls had just come from the pool and were wearing shorts or covers over their swim suits.

None of the girls managed to sit in my line of sight so I couldn't stare at them while I ate. I had to keep getting up for drink refills if I wanted to get a peak at them. The girls must have thought I had some kind of dehydration problem.

I had already eaten most of my food by the time I noticed the girls. I had been reading the paper and nursing my drink when the girls walked in. Most of the time I am forced to eat by myself because I get to Wendy's around 3 o'clock and by that time all the cute girls eating salads are gone to be replaced by the fat girls complaining that their "grandma's chili is way better."

The girls with covered up swimsuits were a strange mix. They looked a bit older than college aged freshmen. And they had a few extra happy meals padded on to their plentiful asses. But they could still get away with showing a bit of the belly. I think the girls may have just been taking advantage of the holiday to get some sun. I bet these girls work together and just dropped out of college a while back. They probably still think they could go back to school at any time.

I could sense that with all the estrogen in the air the girls were going to be sorry to see me leave. Not that three of four of them would have fucked me anyways. They were just tired of spending all day with other chicks.

The sun was out and bright today. And because of the girls Wendy's smelled like the sun and chlorine. And they munched lazily away at their cheeseburgers. I threw away my trash from the recently replaced garbage container and got on my bike and I pedalled away from the store listening to a crazy lady scream "balls and penis" in my iPod.


Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock listens to Death Cab on long bike rides.

Romius T. said...

Death Cab hmmm,,,,,