Saturday, May 15, 2010

When I get my hands around your throat it will be a good thing. All I need to do is feel the life come out of you. One breath at a time.

If I could only get to you fuckers when all my shit is fresh then you would be eating out my hands.  I still wouldn't feed you much.  I like you better when you are thin and hungry.

I have a lot of work to do this weekend.  I have to file an answer to a wage garnishment.  I have to get a haircut.  I have to buy one of those 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm headphone adapters so I can listen to V-cast videos on the Env3 when  I ride the bus home.

I have to write my long term review of the Env3 and send it in to as part of a plan to get a gig writing reviews.

I was going to incorporate two of my latest rants into the review of the cell phone, but both are so long forgotten that all I can remember is a tweet from one of them.  It went something like, "Dear Middle class: You have been abandoned by all the political, economic, and cultural institutions of America.  Please understand this. The middle class is dying.  The rich have won the class war.  Now it is time to blow this shit up and start over again."

That is the TELL and not the SHOW of it because I can't remember the SHOW of it anymore.  So you will just have to deal with the lame crappy over handed TELL.

Again.  Deal with it people.

But that whole idea got me thinking and getting pissed off at lawyers and I had a big ass rant about how they don't know anything "they just know how to look stuff up."

It's true.  Ask a lawyer anything and all you will ever get as a response is "it's complicated but.."

The simpler the question you ask a lawyer the more the lawyer will look at you like your dog does when you try and explain quantum physics to him.

That's because lawyers don't know anything. Unlike say a doctor. Ask a doctor a fucking easy question and he gives you a fucking answer.  Ask a doctor a difficult question and she will start telling you some shit that you can't follow even when she condescends the conversation down to your level.

Doctors are pretty smart.  I bet most doctors are smarter than me.  But that's not the case with lawyers.  I'm probably smart enough to be a lawyer, and that should make you worry.  All you need to be able do to be a lawyer is know how to look shit up.

It took me 5 minutes on the internet to find out how to answer a wage garnishment and find a way to make around 200 dollars of my income a week except. I'm sure some lawyer would have charged me two grand for that which would have made the whole thing a push and sent money from the working class to a member of the moneyed elite rather than one of the evil institutions of financial power.

Either way working people all fucking lose there!

All that got me thinking about all you posers out there with your fucking rockabilly outfits, and your fucking scarfs, and your leather pants, and all the fucking winter hats you wear in the fucking summer, and I began to want to puke on my self from the fucking retarded nature of your shit.

None of you are fucking rebels.  None of you want anything other than to be nostalgic for the immediate past.  You want a biographer so that you can pretend that everything you do has some kind of quasi importance.  That's why you twitter yourselves every three seconds. You Facebook. You have take fucking pictures till the albums come out of your fucking ass.

None of you want to change anything.  None of you want to risk anything.  You are all perfectly happy chasing alternative versions of the American dream that some marketing asshole has thought up while chewing on Kraton and wearing a 134 dollar t-shirt and rocking one of those obnoxious trucker hats.

He's fucking laughing at you all the way to the bank.  And you've traded away real security for access to cheaply made commodities.  (I'll hyper link some this later you fuckers!)

Well at least you have lowered your expectations to getting things like the coolest cell phone and the nicest pair of shoes because that's all you'll be getting.  Your gonna lose your homes.  Your gonna lose your retirements.  Your gonna lose your medical care.  Your gonna watch as we repeat the mistakes of the 60's and 70's.  Your gonna watch how we never stopped the war.

Fucking hippies.  They think they stopped a war.  What?  20 years too late.  After we had committed genocide and determined that only a full scale nuke attack would prevent the yellow man from attacking us.  Then you see all those generals getting sick of war.  Suddenly they don't have the stomach to fucking wipe a race out.  Now they want to leave, and all you fuckers getting mellowed out on Quaaludes thought you had something to do with that.  Whatever.

Just like the fucking emo crop of losers we have now who sit back and let the volunteers kill as many Muslims as we can.  We are no fucking different.  We are a bunch of fucking losers.

We, Collectively that is.
Not YOU!
You are a fucking winner!
I saw you at the fucking peace rally.

Like I give a shit.  This society is beyond repair.  What the fuck.  Go out and fend for yourself.  Just don't stop at trinkets. Go get yourself something.  Go on a real bender.  We've got nothing to lose anymore.  This is not even a society anymore.  This is moral decadence that even the Nazis could be ashamed of.   Our moral decay world would silence the crowd at a Roman Vomitorium.

Make us proud, DADDY! And choke on your puke!


veach st. glines said...

As an unabashedly harsh critic of your coterie*, I'd very-much enjoy your take on the state you live in's recently passed laws.

I don't read anyone else from AZ. Now AZ appears to be leaning far beyond (below? ahead of? to the right of?) AK, AL, and AR in the centuries-long red-neckery contest. Concealed-carrying = legal. Teaching a class on African or Hispanic Heritage = illegal. Speak with a foreign accent = prove you're a citizen or be arrested.

I realize you prefer to squeeze Romius T. somewhere between Archie B. and Eric C. - but if you'd sideline the misplaced doctor-admiration and lawyer-vilification for a minute or three, I (for one) would honestly like to read what someone with your sociopolitical and geopolitical vantage point thinks about what's currently happening in the AZhole of the nation.

*Avid tweeter who bashes twitterers; an Env3 owner who dumps on fad-consumers.

Romius T. said...

did I miss something? there is something going on in Arizona? Let me look into this!