Saturday, May 08, 2010

Are we all doomed because one day robots will be smarter than people? What's left of morality now? Decadence?

A long time ago this blog lost its edge.  The blog lost its edge because it stopped being about you so much, and started being  more about me.  That's when you got bored of this blog, and that's when I got bored of writing for it.

Now I just write in this blog for the hell of it.  I don't write for the chance to get an unpaid internship at a cell phone review site. No, I write for the chance to get pimped by some Pharmacy Tech School (via a linked key word in a buried article written some two years ago) just so I can score the hundred bucks I need for some random electronic device I want.

Shit.  I'll take their money.  And I'll take yours too.  If you got a hundred or more dollars I can link your to your ass, and you can get the benefit of literally dozens of hits a year.

But it's your money, go ahead and waste it for all I care.  You probably will.  Just like the girl who wastes her time bending at the knee in full length body shots because she read how that, "elongates the body and makes you appear thin and model like."

Blazer by thesarahmorrison

Whatever.  You still have thick, chunky thighs like the kind that Tom Landry would salivate over when he drafted middle linebackers.

You can try and hide that shit with those big ass boots and short shorts ala Miley Cyrus, but at your age no one is buying it anymore, or at the very least no one could look past your huge thighs knowing that at least the secret treasure of undisturbed, underage pussy awaited.

Or maybe those are just my hang ups written large.

All I know is that we are doomed.  And no matter what we do... We are Doomed!

If we make the world a better place that just provides time for the robot takeover.  The human soul is dead, and if it is not dead yet it soon will be if we let the computational man take over.  Robots (and computational men) have no need for the soul they just need computation statistics and mobile phones.*

The above link is 7 pages of required reading.  Here is the teaser:

Could you live your life like this? Do you know anyone who does? A report on what it’s like to live your life based on what your life’s data you’ve recorded on your computer say you should do, in the New York Times:  (link from

*If you can't read it go away.  I don't need you clogging up the internet pathways (or tubes for that matter) that lead to this blog and from this blog to the truth!

The Robots I fear will be like the people from the article above.  People just like you and me.  Only different because the new people will not have souls.  Those "people/robots" are judged by me to be soulless, because they will live in a world where it will no longer be an "imperative to see through our daily existence into a truth buried at a deeper level. Instead, the self of our most trivial thoughts and actions, the self that, without technical help, we might barely notice or recall, is understood as the self we ought to get to know."

In case you did not know let me tell you as loudly as I can that "we are living in a time of transition from human to the robot."  We have been living in that time since Nietzsche pronounced the death of God though we did not know it then.

Back then Freddy felt it was okay to live in a decadent age like ours, because he thought that the future was at least semi-open. How sanguine.  Freddy even thought we could even become masters of our fate.  Who knew the father of the Holocaust could be such an optimist?

But he was wrong.  The future is not open.  The future is dead.  And all we have to become is the humanless.  All too humanless.

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