Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm so bored I feel like drinking...

Only drinking alone is the kind of thing you should never do.  Drinking alone is the kind of thing that only sounds fun until you do it.

Drinking alone is never fun.

All that ever happens when you drink is that you wake up feeling groggy and muffle headed.  You wake up to another giant feeling of regret.  Like that time you grabbed your step-sister's boobies in the swimming pool while your step mother watched on.

You were certain that you step sister enjoyed the boob grab. Her nipples were big, and spongy pink in her see-through white bikini.

Step-mother was casually stroking herself on the lawn chair.  Her one piece swim suit carefully rolled down to expose her white shoulders to the hot pink sun.

Step-mommy got all indignant later that afternoon.  Calling an emergency family meeting.  Calling you out in between bites of pound cake in front of grandma, poppa, and your two brothers.

Don't look over at Step sister.

All you gonna get is step sister's shoulders shrugging back at you.

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