Sunday, March 25, 2007

My other Job is Blogging over at The Need Of the Few

I don't like to get into philosophical arguments about Carl Jung with guys who drive tanks for a living.

For one if they lose those arguments they could just get in their tanks and run you over. And I have a feeling that G.I. Joe would have no problem doing that.

That's why I won't tell him, but you my loyal 3 readers about this guest post I blogged over at The Needs of the Few.

The post is entitled:

Medusan-in-a-box: A requiem for Larry Bud Melvin, AKA The God-Man Calvert DeForest.

Or you could try visiting Bathos for my latest short story about a guy who think too much about toothpaste.

Very soon I will have to blog about the road trip to Sedona and Jerome where I encountered 4 cougars on the hunt for young prey. It was as they say "majestic."

I hope you enjoy.

Hugs and Cuddles.


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