Friday, March 02, 2007

Can the Russian at my Jack-in-the-Box please stop coughing on me?

I haven't had a lot of time to blog recently. I've been spending most of my days surrounded by poker players in smoke filled casinos. Poker keeps me up to an ungodly time in the morning. I go to bed at noon and wake up at 6 pm. But before I go to bed I usually have breakfast at Harlow's by ASU. I love the girl in black leggings who brings me my eggs. She has the best ass in town.

I was reading the newspaper today at breakfast. When I discovered some guy who lives in the area has TB. Bad TB. So bad health officials won't let him leave the hospital.

"He is not allowed a TV, a radio, a cellphone, a shower or visitors. A video camera catches his every move. His floormates are criminals, including a suspect in the killing of a police officer."

Normally hearing news like that would upset me. But the guy in isolation for a deadly drug resistant disease lives nearby. He refused medication and went outside without his mask. His excuse?

"In Moscow," he said, "when I went to clinics, even the doctors did not wear masks."

Russians are dirty people who's rate of infection for TB is 15 times that of the United States. That's no excuse for me not caring about this guy, but it is a fact. The Russian has also stated that he is depressed to the point of crying.

"They're making a criminal out of me," he added. "I've been crying almost every day. . . . I'm all alone. No showers. No sunlight. It's the silence that's pushing down on me. . . . It's the worst you can get, even if you murdered somebody."

So I guess his life now was a lot like it was back in Russia. "There is certainly a high likelihood that the patient has developed additional drug resistant (sic) that may make cure impossible," the assessment said. "If this is the case, the patient must be detained in isolation until death or patient's own immune system contains it (50% chance of either possibility)."

And his prospects for a life here in America seem about as good as they do for the average Russian. A 50% chance of imprisonment or death. I am not sure what this guy can complain about. He sure can't be homesick.

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