Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm in Europe enjoying life without you. Sometimes I think of you, but then I rememeber I don't like you, and I assume your off getting drunk and forgetting to feed your cat

Yesterday, I had one of those conversations with one of those customers who thinks he's funny by regurgitating something offensive he's read off a chain letter e-mail to me.


Do you guys participate in the Obama grocery stimulas program?

Me: (pretending to care)

Um,  what's that?

Customer Bigot:

It's where you buy as much groceries as you want, but the guy behind you pays for it.

Me:  (Laughs)

No.  We actually participate in the Republican tax plan.  That's where you buy your groceries and pay taxes on it, so the rich guy standing behind you doesn't have to.

General applause from the peanut gallery for me.

Lesson to you:  Go hard to the hoop, or don't come at all.

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