Sunday, February 21, 2010

A new podcast is up

If you forgot that I had a podcast don't feel bad.  According to my statistics the podcast has yet to be downloaded.  I know that can't be true as I download a copy of each new podcast to hear myself.

I want you to hear what a crappy microphone I am using on my podcast.  All because none of you donate to my paypal.  So the 9 dollar mike I bought at Walmart is crapping out on me.  Somehow it finds the exact moment I am going for a punch line to wig out on me.

Also, the free podcast service I use is limited to its crappy recorder, and does not allow me to use extensions, or add lines, so I can no longer add music or extras to the podcast.

What I am saying is that listening to the podcast is now an extra crappy experience, but I know the guy (or gal) from South Carolina who visits 120 times a month to this site probably can't get enough of me, so that's why I am talking up this crappy podcast.



I had a crazy night last night hanging with my boy JAVI. (Formerly known as MR. X.)  I got kissed on the ear twice by a girl.  I almost made out with her as well. 

A friend responded to my text about last night by saying

Nice. Too much to respond to there.  Could only write one word.  I could write a 2000 word essay on that last text.

I hope he does.  I told him my readers are expecting it.  If we get  5o comments he promises to write it.


He says he is going to write it.  Sneak peak in to his opening line was..."all my friends are miscreants.."  Sounds funny!

My post is forthcoming.


I am twittering on a regular basis again!  I will be talking a lot about cell phones.  It is my new obsession.  Do you care if the the new Moto Devour has the 1.6 Android OS?  If you do then make sure to follow me! 

Also, I will update podcast and blog posts on my Twitter. 


thimscool said...


thimscool said...

I see that you went ahead and replaced drugs with social media.

It's like a bird... that you can't see. But you can hear the pretty music in the tree.

Romius T. said...

I think so I have been acting like a crack addicted twitter fanatic and facebook and oh god podcasts and blogs somebody stop me!

midwest woman said...

You have an awesome voice that doesn't reflect an oozing infected toe. Your voice makes your words jump out.
I'm a fan of the podcast.
BTW my word verification was bugin geo...there's something in there but I don't know what.

Romius T. said...

The sound quality is pretty terrible. I am hoping to get a mike today but I may put it off till the weekend...what did you think of the latest sound quality?

midwest woman said...

The sound quality was good but what do I know....I have no standards.