Monday, February 01, 2010

Detroit is aka the precious which is aka for the shit

Dr. Detroit is the name of my coke dealer. Naturally, I make all kinds of references about "Detroit" when I talk to my drug friends. I say things like, "I am going to Detroit" when I am going over to my drug dealer's house.

My drug dealer does not have a house. My drug dealer lives at one of those Resident Inn's or Traveler Motels. For a motel the place is pretty nice. His room comes with a small kitchen and a 20 inch TV.

My drug dealer is straight up ghetto. He has jerry curls and walks with a limp because he's been shot so many times.

You may wonder why I am doing drugs. I will tell you. I just spent 2 hours editing the whataburger on the road post.  (Was it worth it?)

I was reading over that blog post in hopes that I could get a book out of it. Either that or I hoped I could see some talent or good writing on it. I was looking for anything that would give me hope. Hope enough for me to hang on to this crappy life and keep trying.

What I found caused me to take a road trip to Detroit.

So what we have here at this blog is what we have always had.

A Chronicle of decline. (If I were ever up.)

So that's why I am doing crack, Meth, mushrooms, and whatever I can get my hands on.

I text my friend (she hooks on the side) and I ask her if she wants to rent a motel room with me and buy some coke. I tell her I want to buy the stuff on my day off and hang out with her and get drunk & fucked up in the middle of the day.

"It has to be in the middle of the day." I tell her. "I don't want to get high at night, because then it just seems like we are partying."

I want this drug taking to be seen as obscene not glamorous by her.

I tell her, "I want to snort as much cocaine as we can buy."

I don't tell her that I am really thinking about buying her meth. Meth is way cheaper. Meth is also way more dangerous. Meth is gonna fuck us up real soon, because I can't stop thinking about Meth.

I have Meth on the brain.

I text:

I want to rent a motel room so we can keep all the Detroit to ourselves.

She agrees with me. We should keep all the shit for ourselves. Anyway my roommate might be a cannibal. It's better if I stay the fuck away from him as much as possible.

My new life of drugs promises me a quick burn out. At least I hope it does. When I am gone you will forget that I am loser.

I just want to feel good.

Her text says.

Don't we all baby-doll. Don't we all?


thimscool said...

Meth... that's more like it.

No more of this talk about suicide bombing on behalf of starving children, mmmkay?

Meth will shorten your life, deepen your struggle, and possibly land you in prison like we've been discussing. In the mean-time, it might provide a great foil.

Of course I can't say I approve, but really, what difference does it make what I think? This is between you and Him.

Romius T. said...

no more suicide bombing just crack and meth and coke my friend!@

Steph said...

Just stick to the meth, it'll be very interesting to see the subsequent posting..."so anyways, when I was four..." Nothing cooler than meth poetry. Not to mention, you can start posting pictures of your pickin' pox.