Saturday, February 13, 2010

Live blogging

I am sitting at the Burger King next to my grocery store listening to my text messages via a quirky computerized voice program that keeps me from having to read her texts, "no problemo" says the computerized lady voice in a strangely authentic Mexican accent.

The BK is full of single dads on weekend parent duty. I notice how the dads coo over their teenage daughters. 

I ordered a large drink and not a large fries, but I got charged for both. I had to ask for extra napkins, because this BK has a 2 napkin limit. The manager gave me a knowing wink when I asked for mustard and third set of 2 ply napkins.

I just got a text that my "connection" wants a hundred dollars for the stolen i-pod he wants to sell me. I say for that price I will buy online and not deal with the guilt of buying stolen goods.

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