Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rabbit Stew Anyone?

Today's misanthrope of the week is "The Bunny Undertaker," Elizabeth Carlisle.

Elizabeth Carlisle was arrested after posting a photo of herself with two dead rabbits on her Facebook profile.

According to reports the girl drowned the rabbits after they became injured during a fight at the PetLand store where she worked.

Unlike me most of you are sickened by the thought of such an event.

I find your response curious. And perhaps immoral.

I am made curious by those people who seem to get worked up over the death of a couple of rabbits more than they do over the fact that millions of African children will starve to death this year.

Take this comment from the Weekly Vice as illustrative of my point:

THIS outrages me. I am so pissed over this! I want to drown the girl and her father myself! The poor bunnies could have been taken to a vet. Her gleefully drowning them is unforgivable! People who harm defenseless animals will rot in HELL!

I can't recall ever getting a comment like that when I discussed starving children in Africa.

No one ever gets in my face sticking up for starving children, but I have gotten into bar fights with animal lovers over my opinions.

I once received a death threat from a PETA member after I posted Michael Vick as one of my "heroes" on MySpace.

People (like my ex wife) be like "them Africans must have had it coming. It's they fault. Karma and shit." [ actual conversation not verbatim]

I admit I don't like animal lovers.

I won't hide my opinion. I don't like animal lovers. I have no idea why anyone would ever be an animal lover. I just don't get it. I think having an animal for a "companion" is stupid.

Animal lovers are always doing things that annoy me too. They unleash their animals all the time. Those dogs chase and bite me.

In addition, Animal Lovers waste BILLIONS of dollars on their companions. The dress them up in stupid costumes. They talk to them in baby talk. They tell me pointless stories about the alleged "cuteness" of said animals.

Animal lovers invented this.

I don't mean to be dismissive about animal cruelty. But if you equate animal life with human life then you are misanthropic and possibly suffer from psychopathology.

You will assume I am bringing up the rabbit killer to sound outrageous. I am not. I only bring up the "rabbit undertaker" because it is the only way I know to get you to think about morality.

(Philosophically speaking) you have no interest in morality.*

*It occurred to me that this section was going to get very pedantic so I stopped.

Instead try reading the blog I found where the (female) blogger "kills animals as part of work... also... wild animals that are just in a lot of pain. Sometimes I have to euthanize them. I decided to record each animal I euthanize here."

OK, I will try to write something here.

Some things to think about:
  • Maybe you are just "disgusted" by what Beth did. You may not be so moral yourself.
  • We need to think more about the relationship between "disgust" and "morality."
  • You might be a bit of a hypocrite if you like meat and wear leather pumps.

Allow me to anticipate one of your objections:

Animal cruelty is correlated with violence against humans.

I agree. And that is the ONE reason we should watch people who do creepy shit to animals. Sometimes they are just working their way up to killing folks like you and me.

Is she Guilty?

Is she guilty of having a sick sense of humor? You bet. But so am I. So are you. Why else would you read this blog?

If Elizabeth had been on a farm and killed the rabbits and then chopped them in stew she would not be going to jail. Other than taking a photo after the event I can't say that her method for euthanizing injured animals was all that terrible. (Animals often suffocate to death at the vet when they get put down at the vet.)

Without the smile she may have been considered a hero.

But she enjoyed causing pain.

We should worry that she enjoyed inflicting pain on something. But does that mean we should grieve for animals?

Maybe we should grieve for her sanity. And we should worry about a society that claims to be moral, but actually operates more on the level of disgust than an informed ethical rationality.

*By the way fried Rabbit is very delicious. My grandparents (back in Oklahoma) used to go hunting for bunnies all the time. The kids never wanted the fried rabbit that the adults shot and ate. We always wanted fried chicken. I guess because as kids we figured chickens had nothing to do with Easter Eggs. Kids are stupid.


Anonymous said...

I don't see much difference between her and the woman in the post below.

Romius T. said...

obviously I have a type, eh? By the way I am still editing this crap. Funny huh? Me being awake and editing and you reading all innocent thinking this is really the post...

Stephanie said...

I worked at that pet store across from your place of employment for over 3 years. Let me tell you..the more fanatical people are about their pets, the more they hate people. They try to come off as someone overflowing with the milk of human kindness but they are actually stifling their urge to strangle the woman in the cubicle next to them for 8 hours a day. Raising animals above other humans is just one of the many ways people cope. I can't stand people like that. And people would be appalled at some of the things that has to occur when you take care of large amounts of animals. That woman is probably MUCH more well adjusted than most. But stupid for posting that picture. You know, I also feel the same way about people who are fanatical about Sci-fi. And you know who I was once married to. I used to tell him he loved it so much because when he was young and tormented by his peers and ignored by girls he would dream of a far away planet where he would be accepted as just a human and his immense IQ would truly be appreciated. He agreed. Anyways, animals should not eat better than their owners nor should they have designer wear. Disgusting.

Romius T. said...

I forgot to include a section of the relationship between misanthropy and animal rights lovers.. but you filled it out perfectly for me!

As to sci fi..well of course I have no interest in sci fi heh heh

well not like your ex at least....

thimscool said...

Drowning is decidedly not the way to go for humane killing of mammals. It takes too long; time in which the animal can experience shear mortal terror, which is worse than pain in my experience.

Rapid brain demolition is the way to go. For rabbits, a swift sledgehammer to the noggin would do it. Might want to put them in a garbage bag first.

That would not work for the elephant in the room.

Stephanie said...

We called that "thumping"...just for the record, I have one dumb hound dog and 3 snooty cats. I adore them but they do not wear clothes...

thimscool said...

I have a friend that takes in foster dogs... they often pee on the rugs.

His method of preventing said unwanted urination is to fit them with young boy's tighty whiteys... to this day we are astonished that the SBI has not payed him a visit to investigate this steady purchase of young boy's underwear by an unmarried man with no children. Oh well.

Other than that, I have to agree that clothing pets is asinine.

Hey Pain, do you have pets?

This site has the best anti-spam tags: kooshe!

Anonymous said...

Do you recommend Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, Mr. Thimscool?

thimscool said...

Fruit of the Loom for the fruit of your loins. Hanes for the mutts.

Romius T. said...

why not boxer briefs? much more fashionable...

Pain said...


No. We have no need for pets. When We wish to play there are 6 000 Nazi officers in the Field of Crosses that can entertain Us with their cries.

Alecia said...

As an ex-vegan and ex-animal rights junkie, I suppose it would be expected for me to be up in arms about that kinda shit. But even when there was no ex, I still thought stuff like this was bull. Animals are your P-R-O-P-E-R-T-Y, and while it may be fucked up to kill them in an unkind way, that shit happens EVERYDAY and on GIGANTIC scales. It gets me so fucking pissed off to listen to people rant about michael vick and others like him while they're in the middle of eating a gigantic steak. HEY HERE'S AN IDEA STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE AND APPLY THE LAW EVENLY. Just because something is fluffy and cute doesn't mean it deserves a better life, and killing a dog (or rabbit in this case) is no worse than killing a pig. Either kill shit or don't kill shit, but don't differentiate between the shit killed and call that "morals".

OH MY GOD THAT GOT ME SO ANGRY sorry for all the caps.

thimscool said...

6 000 Nazi officers in the Field of Crosses that can entertain Us with their cries.

I dare say I'd like to see a video of that.

But really, Pain, there is more to the afterlife then schadenfreude, meine freund. Surely you have some appetite for the eureka moments and joyful reunions of the saved. Or are you just steeping in it, then?

I could tell you about my pets, if you like.

midwest woman said...

meat eater here but but the look of glee on her face IS disturbing. SEcond of all were they mortally injured? and third, far better ways of euthenizing than drowning. Didn't read your post on the starving children but it is not imcompatible or hypocritical to feel for those who suffer whther animal or child. I like kids and I like my dog. What's the problem? and yes fried rabbit is tasty..fried children not so much.

Romius T. said...

Midwest woman,

I no nothing of the facts of the case other than the facts that the report I linked to gave.

I did not make clear in the post that I was talking mostly about animal rights activist...

"I like kids and I like my dog. What's the problem?"

The problem arises when not just immoral activists, but animal lovers equate human life with animal life. (I for one think you love your children more than your dogs and I am sure you do to).

I think anyone who does not is guilty of misanthropy and suffers from a form of psychopathology.

Most animal owners are "hobbyists" and by that right I have little to complain about. I have my hobbies too and hobbies are not intellectually defensible as a form of activity (except to say that subjectively i enjoy my hobbies so you can enjoy your hobbies to.)

Yes we should probably give all the money and time we waste on hobbies to doing something more practical or moral. But most of us don;t.

One big mistake on your comment? Children are much tastier than chicken@@@


Good to see you are a sensible person even for a former Vegan and animal rights activist. You nailed my argument down better than I did in my original post.

Pain said...


Hell is a wonderful place where people are reunited with those that they loved and knew and those that they loved and could never voice that love while alive. All of those events give Us great joy. We, Ourselves of the Collective do enjoy the Terran antics of canines but alas there are no canines in Hell save for Cerberus who really isn't a canine in the terran sense of the word.

We would be delighted to hear of the triumphs and perils of your pets however do feel free to enlighten and entertain Us.

Anonymous said...

I am so fucking glad to hear they have wifi in Hell. I can go ahead and kill myself now.

Goodbye, wankers. Hello, Satan.

Anonymous said...

And it better be a good connection. You fuckers owe me for all the bad shit I did while alive.

thimscool said...

I have four cats. The youngest, Boris, aka Boritto, recently dragged a screaming woodpecker through three cat doors, only to succumb to his sister's ambush. I took the bird to the wildlife rehabilitation center, but it probably didn't make it.

So, Hell is a wonderful place, huh? You may want to light a fire under the asses of your PR dept then...

thimscool said...

Hi Leslie!

Word Verification: mingl

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