Friday, May 01, 2009

Miley Cyrus wears pantyhose

Here is a picture of Miley Cyrus wearing pantyhose.

I had no idea that women still wore pantyhose.

I know that Miley is only 16 and hence does not count as a woman, but it strikes me as even unlikelier that a 16 year old would wear pantyhose in public. But I guess they do.

I don't have reason for posting pictures of Miley Cyrus in her pantyhose. In fact I should really stop posting pictures of Miley. I should start listening to my Google Analytics page and post pictures of cute Emo boys since the only people who read this site aren't pedophiles but 40 something women.

But I don't want to. I don't share your interests Moms.

I had to post this picture because I think pantyhose is creepy. Also, from the looks of Miley's feet she does not know how to choose shoes. Her feet look pretty cramped in those high heels.

Now go read my Miley Cyrus Fan Fiction!

Not that we have gotten that silliness behind us....

We can talk about something important like the Swine Flu.

I am upset about the Swine Flu.

(I for one am not going to stop calling the Swine Flu the Swine Flu.)

The reason I am upset about the Swine Flu is that I work with the public, and the public goes around spreading the swine flu without a care.

I don't receive any hazard pay for braving the flu and being on the "front lines."

Mexico has basically shut down their entire economy. The only places left open are police stations, hospitals, and grocery stores.

It's funny. All of sudden what I do is important to you. Not that you would ever admit it by paying me better. But the market has spoken I guess and that means I will continue to be paid in such small quantities that I will be compelled to work even in the face of sure death by exposure to a Pandemic.

I can tell you this.

As soon as the Swine Flu breaks out in Tempe you motherfuckers are on your own. You can come to the store and scan and pack your own groceries, because I damn sure ain't gonna do it for you. I am not going to risk my life for you. I don't like you. In fact I hate you.

I can spread this rumor.

Hospitals in Phoenix are jammed full of flu victims. I was told this by a customer . She just got out of the hospital. She came through my line and purchased 70 dollars worth of DVD's.

Why would anyone do that? Has this girl never hear of Blockbuster or NetFlix? I asked the girl why she bought so many DVD's. She said she had the flu and had been in the hospital for a week. She went on to add that there were "hundreds" of people in the hospital for the flu and that the government was not admitting to it.

Then I remembered something told to me by an Indonesian school girl I met on Omegle a "chat room for strangers."

She told me that it was possible that I was not getting better even though many of my flu symptoms have gone away. She mentioned the Dengue Fever. And how the the Dengue fever goes into hibernation. You feel better, "but the disease is just getting stronger."

Strong enough to kill you.

I guess that is why the customer bought herself enough videos to last a week. She knows that the flu will kill her in the next week so she did not mind buying the DVD's vs renting them. Which I guess means that I have a week to live to.

This is all starting to make sense.


Anonymous said...

hey hey hey am 40 plus woman and your point is?????? have you seen christie brinkley lately? don't wear panty hose and maybe you thought you chatting up an indonesian girl when it could have been...get ready...a bored 40plus housewive. love ya anyway.

midwest woman

Dr. Monkey said...

Maybe we could pour some swine flu vaccine thru Miley Ray's patnyhose and see what happens. Or better yet, thru her panties!

Holy shit, I just realized, I'm 'd pedophile' who you just wrote about.

Romius T. said...

dear Mid West woman

I am not sure what my point was, other than women in their 40's are not interested in miley cyrus and are interested in little boys like d pedofiles.

Funny though how the two people who jump on this post were a woman in her 40's and a pedo.

I always write like 20 year old boys are reading me cuz I assume that is all that read the internet but of course "reading" is a woman's activity and the pedos come for the pics of miley.

So I guess as long as I stay mildly amusing to40 year olds and post pics of little gurls I will keep my two main readership genres happy.

holy crap dr. monkey
you crack me up sir.
and yes I was talking to you.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Miley is wearing pantyhose. As far as I can tell she is not. If you look around her toes they should look smoother with pantyhose on and they do not. So not sure how you concluded she has hosiery on?



Donna From Philly said...

She se wearing Toelees pantyhose. if you look at wear the toes start 2 different tones, and it looks like it goes to the big toe. Her has Pantyhose one w/o a doubt.

It's refreshing to see that younger ladies still care about the way they look and chose to were hose. Lady Ga Ga, katie Perry, Miley, Reanna. I wear Pantyhose myself everyday even in the summer. Just makes my leggs look much nicer.

Donna From Philly

Stephanie said...

I'll take Miley over the Jonas Bros. any day. That aside, I just have to compare my work/exposure/dangers to you. I know you will agree that we are equally vulnerable. I'm a house manager at your local arts center. You know, the one that cost you 65+ million to build? We rent out our theater to the local children's theater group here. On the weekends they have their public shows that do so-so. I don't work weekends. I work weekdays when this group holds their school field trip shows. This is where they make bank to stay afloat. Our theater holds 600 people and they have two full shows a day. Besides managing a staff and doing paperwork ect., part of my job is being the welcoming commitee of one and wrangler of no less than 1200 school children preschool-12th grade. I have to get on the bus that they are breathing in and touch everything they have touched. I have to grab railings their snotty hands have grasped and throw absorbee on the puke they spew until maintenance comes practically dressed in HazMat suits to wipe it up. I have become one hardcore-OCD-handwashing bitch. Sadly, I need the money so I hope those little whippersnappers don't mind when I greet them in gloves and a mask. Hopefully, this doesn't take away from their groovy cultural experience. To add to my paranoia, two weeks ago we had one of the schools that just got shut down come to a show. Scary shit Romius. Also, women who wear full-on pantyhose are posers. Colored/black tights and garter belts/silk stockings are the only acceptable hosiery. If you have to wear support hose then you just need to don a mumu.

Romius T. said...

I like how this pantyhose thing has taken a life of its own, and steph "tights or garters with silk stockings are the only acceptable undergarments..."

as to steph and your work environs...I will gladly bow down to your threat assessment.

My guess is you have a few weeks to live at best!

Donna in Philly,

Just checked out you r website..I had no idea you were addicted to pantyhose.

But i hope all accept your expertise and admit that I was correct in seeing pantyhose on miley!

Anonymous said...

mily cyrus es muy bonita y hermosa es la chica mas hot del mundo ojala se le cumplan todos sus deseos junto con su mejor amiga Emily Hostmen y los jonas brothers nunca van poder estar con ella porque ella no se deja vencer tan facil

Anonymous said...

Donna From Philly

Take a close look at these pics...

Care to modify your opinion?

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a dufus. What are you? 13. Pantyhose are sexy as he'll. They make women's legs look and feel perfect, silky, smooth, arousing, and alluring. You've obviously never been out all night with a woman wearing pantyhose and a short skirt or dress teasing you with her legs only to take you home and drop the skirt /dress revealing sheer pantyhose with no panties. I don't get you kids who think bare legs with knock knees, bruises, blotches, and scars are hot. A woman all dressed up minus the pantyhose looks like she forgot to finish dressing. I'm only 33 so don't get excited. And I've always thought pantyhose were hot - even when I was like 10. Grow up and appreciate the timeless beauty of dressed up women.

Romius T. said...

And you sir are obviously a pedophile with a penchant for looking at children in pantyhose. What a freak of nature you are. you are a chronic masturbator since you were 10 to your mother;s friends legs. PERVERt. frickin a