Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Eat Soy

After work I spent my last 11 dollars buying stuff for a big BBQ. I figure I can't afford to do much other than eat cheap cow meat. I bought one of those portable "one time use" bbq grills for 3 dollars at work, then I limped my way across the street to the bus stop carrying 4 bags of groceries.

My store was out of the frozen ground beef that was on sale at work.
I had the meat guy look in the fridge and that's when my manager saw me and asked if she could substitute something for the sale item. I told her yes but I did not want to take advantage of my job so I bought the cheapest meat I could find and the manager gave me a 2 for 1 deal.


Except the substituted item is exactly the same as the stuff I just threw out after I made the mistake of buying soy meat from Walmart. Never again. I still ate a burger and so did the FRO. My store brand was not as bad tasting as the Walmart stuff, but maybe that was the smoke and gasoline altering the taste.


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