Friday, October 06, 2006

What if I were to lazy to post today?

Couldn't I just google for a few 'grocery store blogs' and send them my massive traffic?

This Garrick knows way too many languages and is "made ill at ease" in grocery stores "by the artificial lighting, the monstrously huge red and green peppers, the giant, perfectly yellow Costa-Rican bananas."

I don't really know why he is afraid of large red bell peppers. They are the best kind. Also I tend to think we are a bit high up on the food chain to be concerned by something without teeth.

Any visit to the grocery store for Garrick becomes unsettling as he "wander(s) from vegetable to vegetable like a lost nomad, gazing with glazed eyes at the products of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides."

"I can spend thirty, forty-five, fifty-six minutes wandering the isles thinking of consumerist food bliss. Buying prepackaged this and precooked that," but "eerily, my societal musings don’t end here."

Getting eerily freaked out by ordinary things like grocery stores, leaves Garrick plenty of time for his Early Critical Theory ponderings on preferred shopper’s cards, RFID's, weird stickers, consumerism and just plain old Idenity Theory.

Good luck with all that thinking. Just remember, Garrick, too much thinking and the Terrorists win.


katie schwartz said...

romius... what's it like to be you? tell me!

Jezebelsriot said...

What a dumbass. Red bell peppers are good.

Speaking of dumbasses, I really didn't realize all you had going on over at this blog. I think I like it.

Romius T. said...

I can't believe that you had no idea about all the fun over here, shame. Shame on you J.