Sunday, October 29, 2006

Boston Celtics Dance Team-way ugly

I can't wait to blog about my road trip. I am headed from Tampa to Tempe via I-10. That means I will party down in New Orleans and visit my old hometown of Houston.

I am sure to bump into plenty of hookers at the Gainsville Florida Greyhound Bus Depot, the best bus depot in the world.

Until then I am pretty bored and I will have to spend my time surfing the net and maturbating to the half naked women on the internet like you losers do.

That's why I read the Bastardly because I enjoy any blog that uses Jailbait as a category.

Like the bastardly I also tend to be snarky and gossipy, but I am comfortable with that fact. Any website that allows gossip to stay firmly and securely within the confines of my latent misogyny is fine with me.

It's simply sexist to insist that gossip should be reserved for women.

And just like the Bastardly, I can't get over how ugly, fat and manly the current "dance team" for the Boston Celtics is.

The Celtic Dance Team makes Kelly Clarckson's new hairdo look flattering. After all she is just fat with a bad wig, but it wouldn't take you looking under her hood to convince you she had a pussy.

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