Thursday, June 17, 2010

My modem died

If you don't follow me on Twitter then you might not know that my internet modem died a few days ago.  I am in the middle of upgrading my service to a whopping 12 mpps.  A dramatic increase over my 5 mpps DSL line.

I think my set up needs fixing!

I'm getting a true fiber optic line instead of the phone line that I have now.  I was promised that it will really increase my speed as my current line is buggy and needed 300 dollars worth of repairs to get the 5 mpps I was paying for.

It will cost me an extra 10 dollars a month.  Don't worry with all the donations my readers give me this won't be a problem.

I hope you know I am being facetious.  But I won't complain.  Even though I just did.  I cut off my Netflix to get the extra juice so I hope it's worth it!

Internet maybe spotty as  I did the install myself.  Also there will be disruption when the new line comes in.  So if you are hoping for lots of posting, then you can keep hoping but I am not sure how much I will be blogging over the next few days.

The real problem with me getting the upgrade is the cost of the install and such.  I am getting 2 months of service free and the install is being spread over 3 months so let's hope that thee is no sticker shock with this upgrade or I will be left holding a very fancy modem (2 antennas) and not much else.

If I get super broke there is always gambling.  I could take my check out to the casino and play some 8/16 Texas Hold'em.  If I win I be set.  If I lose, not much difference in my financial situatuion really.


Anonymous said...

I was about to say that the only service that beats fiber-optic is cable in an area that the phone company offers fiber-optic. Then I saw that you live in AZ like me! Cox undercuts Qwest in price & boost the speed to push them out of market share. I have a work at home cable modem (paid by my job) for $64.99/month rated at 25Mbs down/5Mbs up that I typically get 27 down/7.5 up. My home service ($46.95) is 15 down/ 3 Up that I get 20Mbs/down/ 5Mbs up. Those speeds are with Powerboost but I always get them when I check speeds.
Qwest Fiber-optic upload speed is embarrassing & the price after the bait & switch initial promotion is much higher.
Please correct me if I am mistaken!

Romius T. said...

You may be correct anon. I have a contract with qwest for two years that does not end til october and I will check with cox then. p.s. how do I get a job where I write comments on blogs all day for cox?

veach st. glines said...

Since you currently write for cocks, it wouldn't be... (aah, cheap humor, pay no attention to me).