Saturday, June 05, 2010

The one about my attorney and the 12 year old Mongrel child

My attorney called me yesterday in a panic after consuming  a batch of 60x Salvia.  He was shouting at me about a Mongrel girl he had seen in a vision.

She had white blond hair like an albino.  She had an attractive lean figure like the kind seen on a 12 year old boy.  Something was off in her eyes though.  It was in those large black eyes that the mongrel nature of her heritage shone through.

Her hair was pulled back by an instrument of some sort. The kind of device that 6 year olds wear to keep their hair out of their face.  She had dark painted finger nails, the tips of which were exploring the tissues of her vagina by plucking at the meaty lips that sat just above her anus.

The girl enjoyed masturbating for my attorney.  She began her masturbation by spraying whipped topping onto her nipples and then inside her pussy.  She licked her fingers clean after digging the sprayed contents out of her vagina with her black nails.

He found the entire thing strangely erotic.

"She had the body of 12 year old boy!"  He screamed at me through the phone. "You would not have believed the abs on this girl."  He stated.

"Sometimes you can count their ribs."  He breathed after gulping for air, "because they are so extremely anorexic."

"Well, the kind you like are."  I retorted.

"If she had the body of a 12 year old boy, how do you know she was a girl then?"  I asked.

I knew the best thing to do with a buddy tripping on Salvia was to ride the wave out by asking him rationally reassuring questions.

My attorney admitted that he could have been confused about her genitalia, but he was sure "that if she did have a penis" that it was "small enough to be a giant clit."

He told me, "she kept inserting ice cubes into her anus and sucking on them." Which he found slightly titillating, because he gets turned on by the smell of feces.

I can understand getting turned on by feces.  It's the kind of thing you do with a partner when you are trying to ignore the compulsion to get "strange."

You start off by wearing your girlfriends panties on the weekends when you visit cuckolding 'workshops' and then take it up a notch when you are zoinked out on E and smells- even disgusting smells- start having this incredibly erotic power for you.

But eventually even sniffing shit doesn't work and you have to take things up a notch or two by getting into cannibalism and necrophilia.  By then you get to worrying about the police and the relationships usually fall apart from all the paranoia.

"That's why I'd stick to furious masturbation, Salvia, and"  He chided me. "Any day over a relationship."

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