Thursday, April 23, 2009

I decide to be more positive

I just got back from McDonald's. I ate some recession food. Now I feel sick like I made a documentary about fast food and how it is going to kill me. Only the documentary is not going to be watched by anyone and I don't have a doctor monitoring my condition as it degrades from "basically alive" to whatever comes after that.

Speaking of barely alive, I read on Twitter that Miley Cyrus' dog is ill and she has asked everyone around the world to "pray for it."

I found a starbucks in spain!!! Whoo hooo on Twitpic

Here was my response:

romiust@mileycyrus Pray for your puppy to die? Strange request. But ok. You could just drown it in the bathtub. Just remember 2 use a plastic bag.

The internet is full of good news today.

Like according to the World Net Daily BLACK African men have discovered a cure for AIDS.

The cure for AIDS involves the rape and sexual conquest of virgins. And since we can never guess when a tween or teen has had sex the men have turned to infants to insure that they get rid of the dreaded disease.

I have no idea if the "disease" gets transferred to the infants by the cure. In which case it would not really be a cure, but more like some kind of voo doo transfer magic. Taking the AIDS from one person to another. I should really do more research, but since my source for the story was The Drunken Stepfather I don't think we will be getting many updates.

Speaking of updates:

I just created volume 31 of the Self Help Center Blogast. Only the good folks over at have decided that I have reached my limit of free uploads which means that you won't get to hear any of the new podcasts I have. That's because I am too cheap to pay for a service that I used to get for free and which does not benefit me at all.

I figure some day I might transfer all my podcasts to another host that allows unlimited uploads but that would take a great deal of effort on my part.

Something tells me none of you are going to miss my podcast.

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sure, you want to kill Miley's dog but you'd kill to save her pussy, ironic isn't it?