Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fuck the FBI

I need to be more careful. Not like that time at the Yucca Tap Room when I accidentally bumped into a guy and tried to apologize to him only to have him get all angry at me and accuse me of "starting shit."

Like I told him, "I don't start shit."

I might finish it, but I don't start shit. I've never started a fight in my life. I even told the guy in the bar that. Then I told him how later that night I might follow him home and rape his invalid grandfather while he sleeps, because I am down with shit like that.

I think he called me a homo.

So I went outside and took his license plate number down. I figure I will go over to his house and let the air out of his tires, or talk shit to his girlfriend at the 7-11 by their house.

I'll walk right up to her and say something like, "tell your boyfriend he shouldn't fuck with people." I think she'd get the point.

I know this bitch and she thinks she tough. But she weighs about exactly 87 pounds and never eats anything that isn't meth or cocaine. And whenever she can't find her black mascara she gets all hysterical and accusatory to random people in the bathroom.

None of her behavior frightens me though. I could kick the crap out of that chick. I could steal her black mascara. I could wear that shit whenever I go bowling. Then the girl at the bowling alley snack food stand would give up her Christian straight edge re-virgined pussy for me.

I look so fucking tuff in black mascara, dudes!

I just clicked on this link so I guess I am on a watchlist for the FBI. The link is the website Support Daniel. Daniel is an activist for the domestic terror group the ALF.

I hate animals, but I do support acts of rebellion against the government. That's why I drink a lot of tea. Also, that's why I donated 5 dollars via Pay Pal to Daniel's defense fund. I am also thinking about buying a t-shirt. The t-shirts look pretty cool. Even though Daniel is not a model and does not wear black mascara like cool rock stars and anti-social misanthropes like me.

IF you are too chicken shit to click on a link that is certainly being watched by the FBI then you can click on this BOING!BOING! link that talks about how The Government has secret prison camps for the eco warriors and terrorist and by that we mean men 15-30 who happen to be Muslim.

I guess that's why you never see Muslims walking around anymore. They are all tied up in prison. The only Muslims I ever see come in to my work are the Muslim women. Never the men. And I am sure allowing women to drive and have credit cards is against the Muslim religion. I guess sometimes it is "ok" to act like the infidel if you are just doing it to wage holy war. Plus, all those Muslims kids have got to eat.

I have learned a lot from the Muslims. I too will act like an infidel. But soon there will come a time when the infidels will pay. Me, the eco-terrorists, and my Muslim friends will all watch the bonfire of Capitalism burn. And finally some of the street people will be kept warm by the cold embers of your dying society.


Citizen Journalist said...

Great commentary Romius...As the Bush/Obama global terrorist crime cartel gleefully seek to destroy freedom in the USA,and the entire world; it really saddens me that the alphabet agencies are their thug enforcers...Nazi Germany was also full of alphabet angencies...Fuck the facists!What the fuck is the Obama Core;Another Nazi Youth Core?

Romius T. said...

I am not ready to call Obama a Nazi. First he would have to have a funny mustache and then try and kill 6 million Jews.

But Obama is no different from an of the imperial American presidents who think the rest of the world exists to supply the us with goods or natural resources and not much else.

Further more he has done nothing to stop the landslide of surveillance and the growing threat to personal privacy in America.

Anonymous said...

You have an oil? We'll give you a democracy=))))) That's something about Iraq...
so-called american freedom=DDDD

Anonymous said...

US is Police State and real criminals are local police, FBI, CIA and crooks in suits aka law makers, judges and politicians who all work for criminal enterprise in order to ruin people's livelihood....

Its us vs them....Corruption and arrogance will prevail because masses are brainwashed lazy animals. When animals will wake up then we become people.....

Romius T. said...

I had no idea that anyone was still reading this blog. But bad news, we will never awaken.

Anonymous said...

Masses who listen to corrupt mass media think law enforcement is noble professional....meanwhile law enforcement nowadays represents nothing but oppression by criminals....

DIVIDE AND CONQUER it's working for them because masses are brainless and afraid.....Bush/Cheney with help from CIA/FBI accelerated Police State in US....btw both of them are the biggest criminals