Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am useless

I am in a bad mood, and I don't want to wake up.

My feet are crammed onto the TV dinner tray that I use as a computer desk. My farts smell like McDonald's double cheeseburgers. But not real double cheeseburgers. The new recession McDoubles. The McDouble has two "all beef" patties, but only one slice of cheese.

I wished I didn't smell the farts.

Sleep is stuck in my eyes. I need to shower. I have to go to work in 30 minutes.

I am trying to avoid people, but they keep trying to contact me.

No one will leave me alone. I want to watch the recession all by myself. Like it was just TV. I want to watch the decline of America, because I think "leveling down" is a good idea.

I want to sit back on the internet and view programs on a computer monitor that I could have watched on TV last night.

Only nothing in my Hulu Queue is worth watching.

The news is bad.

"And thinking it is bad just makes it worse." I overheard some republican on talk radio say that.

I don't care about being bitter. I am too busy laughing at you as the American dream turns into Detroit. soon we will all live in Detroit .

Nobody wants to do anything about it. We will just wait for the government to fix the problem. Even though none of us believe in the government anymore.

We don't believe in anything else which is why we will let the leaders keep this capitalist system around. We just hope in a few years we get our jobs back. Maybe in a few years we will be able to afford a new iPhone. By then the iPhone will have 64 gigs. And we will load it up with stolen music.

In a few years (if the stimulus works) the only poor people will be newsmen and artists.

I say fuck the newspapers. They got everything wrong.

And I say a big "fuck you" to all the recording artists.

You are supposed to be poor. That's where suffering comes from. From want. From need.

If you really want to suffer for your art then no more of this dressing in 300 dollar homeless chic t-shirts.

Now you will just be poor. Mustard stains on your t-shirt. Using your change to by corn dogs and Super Big Gulps and forgetting that your change was for the laundry. Wearing dirty clothes to all your interviews. Getting kicked off food stamps because you can't find a job. Food stamps are for people with a job.

Go home and cry now. Go home and write that rock opera on your iMac.  3,000 dollars well spent.


DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...


Find. Hunter. S. Thompson. Now. Pay if you must. I'm serious.

If I didn't know better I would say you were his bastard son.

Except i don't know better, and there really could be a chance actually if i think about it.

Pain said...

@ Drug Monkey

Must he be a bastard??? Y not love child???

@ Romius T

This is the Theocratic trash that makes Us too pray that America becomes Detroit . . .

Our Core Issues:

Sanctity of Human Life : Marriage & Family : Legal & Judicial Issues :
- Abortion - Traditional Marriage - Judicial Activism
- Euthanasia - Parental Rights - Church/ State Issues
- Stem Cell Research - Porn & Obscenity Laws - Religious Liberty Issues
- Cloning - Gambling & Wagering - Hate Crimes Legislation
- Bio Ethical Issues - Abstinence Education - 10 Commandments
- Assisted Suicide - School Choice - Public Religious Displays
- Public Funding Issues - Divorce Reform
- Evolution In Schools
- Foster Care and Adoption

Romius T. said...

Drug monkey

Will do. Even if it means paying for something.


I can't cover all those topics like you and your paper. you have the resources...I will just stay here and cover the recession one day at a time.

Stephanie said...

You don't really scare me. That was a bit of an exxageration.

Stephanie said...

Excuse me..exaggeration.

Girl Friday said...


Romius T. said...

i wished I scared u just a lil

Hey there woof woof.. glad to see ya back