Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear SKY meet Willie Ames

If you don't know who Skyferreira is that's ok. It just means you aren't as cool as I am for knowing about her.

I do have some advice for you though SKY:

I'd like you to meet my Willie Ames. He was cool once too. Only face it he had much nicer "guns." (Check out the pic in the link girls he is like so hunky!)

I guess what upsets me about sky is that she promotes herself as a chick not into sex with older guys, but check out the article on her myspace page where the journalists writes about wanting to put his head between her legs.

I mean if you are grossed out about that kinda stuff why promote it on your website?

Oh. Because all you care about is promoting yourself. And you admit that on the page as well. I guess I don't get today's new fangled artists with their, "sell out before we get famous" attitude.

I'm just glad some new 16 year old is out there ready to glam it up. All the pro kiddie models on 12 chan were getting boring.

I am not sure which is more disturbing. My interest in following a German teen transvestite pop star or my new obsession with 16 year old
Skyferreira. You decide.

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Girl Friday said...

its okay. we can only look forward to her downward spiral being publicized... if she ever gets that big...