Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well Folks

I am on vacation from my job. Starting now. I am off to Vegas this Friday.

EXPECT a CRAP load of TWITTER updates. I have no idea if I can picture update, but we shall see.

Also I will live blog when I can.... Hopefully some of the video and pics comes out. My phone has no flash....

Should be fun...!


lucky charms said...

Have a safe trip! And regarding one of your updates on twitter: Please buy some new condoms.

Have fun :)

PS: in the spirit of my nickname, I guess I should've said Happy St. Patrick's Day. For once, your green poop can be considered festive!

midwest woman said...

UFO rocks??? like the really old UFO with Michael Schenker who I had the pleasure of seeing in East St. Louis,a cushy suburb of St. Louis, who wore leather pants with his middle-aged gut hanging out because he went topless but still played amazing....that UFO?

Romius T. said...

im going with the old condoms,,,unless i need a new one ,,,,


yes the old school ufo with mike Sch!