Monday, March 30, 2009

I am back

My vacation is over and I am back at work. That sucks for me. Not that you care that I have to go back to my soul killing job.

Not when all you care about is the entertainment value I provide when my life sucks and spirit is dampened.

Well suck it.

I've been giving you guys a break from reading my blog and I can't say that you are any better off for it. I won't say that I am either which doesn't make much sense, but when you think about it almost nothing makes sense anymore. So why should this?

I want to start blogging more regularly, but the only thing I have to blog about is that time I was playing around in your ass and I got a little shit dicked on my finger. That ruined our weekend because you vomited all day after sucking me off and I shat green for a week from catching whatever virus your last boyfriend left you with.

Maybe you wish I had stopped blogging years ago, but since I don't have anything else going for me in my life I am going to keep blogging.

I want to leave you with this video I took of a homeless guy that lives outside the Gold Spike Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

For some reason The Gold Spike has always attracted drug addicts and homeless people. For a long time the Casino had no plan how to do with its terrible image. It just sat there dying a slow death as the rest of Las Vegas benefited from its decision to go classy and "high end" focusing on families and ignoring the roots of Vegas which is prostitution and gambling and dirty shit people who have nothing to lose but their money.

Well, the Gold Spike has decided to capitalize on its authenticity and produced the worlds first "gangsta" casino. Complete with hot blackjack dealers dressed in wearing wife beaters and rap music in the background.

It's the best idea Vegas has come up with in years...


midwest woman said...

ever been to the biggest little city in the world...reno? icall it the biggest little pawnshop in the world...the gold spike even in gangsta mode would be too high class for reno...went to the sands in reno where a homeless guy was retching in the stall next to my bf...charming.

Romius T. said...

Reno sounds AWESOME! Going to have to go sometime!