Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Small Meat.

Since you can't stop wondering about what your favorite grocery store baker does... when not picking flies out of your bread...I give you....

From the unwritten screenplay "Baker's Boy-Actual Conversations Are Never Verbatim."

Scene 1 Act 1

Interior of a Grocery Store Breakroom. Populated by 3 teenaged wannabe Gangsta's and a white smocked, pudgy-cute, goatee wearing, Philosophy buff.

Kid A (but not the Radiohead one) "Hey, say what you said on speakerphone."

Kid 1 then turns on the speakerphone function to his cell phone. He then holds his phone at directs it at Kid "b".

Voice on Speakerphone "No." Cackles of laughter then emanate outward. Her voice is both shy and strangely commanding.

Kid 1 Enthusiastic. "Come on tell him he's got ...Small Meat." "He's got small meat." The repeated line is to no one in particular.

The whole breakroom explodes into a cacophony of "oh no you didn't 's" and such.

Kid "c" "Can anyone hold my wallet for me after I get it cashed? It'll have 89 dollars in it and I will be going away for a few days."

Kid "b" "Juvey?"

Kid "c" "Yea."

Kid "b" "They said I tried shooting something."


M-16's ( the 16 year old) Mom is now working in the store with us.

Here are M-16's tips for selling bread.

  1. Wear the Carmen Miranda Hat
  2. Tell People "Nothing says Love warm bread...


Knows It All said...

I love a man who can capture dialogue!

romiustexis said...

Well thank you Miss Know it all. Though I thinks me stinks at it.