Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Attention Shoplifters:

Business Week offers up the details on how the revolution in surveillance systems will take place.

For the most part it will be unadvertised, as most consumers prefer not to be followed and observed silently while they purchase their children's milk.

"Already, tech startups are working on even more promising -- or intimidating -- systems to track customers through the entire shopping process. There's even talk of stores installing facial recognition programs and license plate readers to catch repeat offenders. You're not likely to notice much of a difference at your favorite shopping haunts. But make no mistake -- they're noticing you."

I just hope they allow employess are allowed a glimpse of all the hot milf's missing thongs with "cameras mounted in cashier stands about six inches off the ground scrutinize the bottom racks of passing carts."

That would almost make working at agrocery store worth it.

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