Thursday, July 24, 2008

You can now Digg the Self Help Podcast

No thanks to any of you, but you can finally digg my podcast over at

I submitted the podcast months ago. But for some reason digg would not approve my podcast. I finally contacted customer service and asked why. I got an e-mail response 30 seconds later. I guess the folks over at digg are bored. I convinced them to approve the podcast after exchanging 5 e-mails with digg support team.

I expect at least 10 diggs by the end of the week or something terrible will happen to you. I will rape your sister. I will rape your girl friend. If you are male I will rape your pee hole. I am not kidding.


DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

OK, but after you rape my pee hole, what terrible thing would you do?

Romius T. said...

I will force you to watch the movie boondock saints in its entirety without break for 2 straight days or until you finally decide to kill yourself. no matter how many times you scream for mercy I will not listen, i will simply add the soundtrack to your misery.

Freida Bee said...

I have no sisters or friends and I am female, so you can't hurt me. What's a "Digg"?

Romius T. said...

Digg is a website made for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories, in a social and democratic spirit. Voting stories up and down is the site's cornerstone function, respectively called digging and burying. Many stories get submitted every day, but only the most dugg stories appear on the front page.

Digg's popularity has prompted the creation of other social networking sites with a story submission and voting system.[1]

So click on the link and "digg" me upo so I can be popular!!!

Wait a minute how can a computer geek not know about digg???

new stalker said...

For DrugMonkey's pee-hole :)

Romius T. said...

omg that will totally go into his pee hole. watch out drug man!