Sunday, June 22, 2008

I was a famous podcaster way before I was a famous blogger


I might not be a famous blogger, but I am a famous podcaster. That shit is kinda ironic as my podcast is simply me reading my blog out loud to all you fuckers who can't read. I know that is most of you and I want to thank you dyslexic fucks for all your help making me famous on the internets. Just because you can't read doesn't mean you are useless to me.

My podcast over at is number 23 on the top podcasts. I don't know if it is you who is ranking me so high, but thanks. I honestly feel pretty pumped ab0ut that. Yes, I am totally drunk, but that has nothing to do with me climbing the summit to one of the lamest top 10 lists for podcasts out there.

I am confident that the list is real as my ranking is only a 3.0 out of 5 which seems pretty reasonable. The highest ranking that any podcast has on is 3.3 so it looks like no one is gaming the system by ranking themselves over and over with 5's.

Even though I # 23 for (they have over 6,000 podcasts) I saw only a modest jump in my statistics. I had about 50 extra downloads today. That is not a lot. This blog has had more than a 1,000 hits in a day before. I do have about 140 downloads this month which is double last month and we still have 1o days to go. If the trend continues I will get 500 this month which would be double the best month I have had. (update: I got nowhere near that only about 200 downloads for the month!)

Don't get me wrong. I am sure I won't stay on the list. But I am kinda excited that I was featured on the top podcasts from The ranking is based on reactions from listeners, so that makes it even more flattering. It's because of all you lame ass fags that I am getting famous.

Like I said, it appears no one is gaming the system. Since all you would gain is a few hundred listeners it would not be worth the effort anyway. If you suck you will quickly fall out of favor and drop off the list and 200 added listeners is not worth feeling like a schmuck by ranking yourself a 5 over and over again. I am absolutely blown away that this little podcast can be in the top 50 out of 6,000 plus podcasts. My blog has never gone matched that kind of success before.

Most of my "readers" have tons more hits and Google page rankings than I have. Maybe some of you should think about podcasting. I have been told my voice is creepy and maybe some of you will do better.

In other news my blog offends my friends....

At least two of my friends have come forward to tell me that they won't hang out with me because I blog about my real life and they don't want all their personal shit on the web. What is funny is that the two people have probably the least number of postings of all my friends and I am quite sure that they aren't hanging out with me for other reasons. Like maybe they don't have free time, or they think that I am way to cool for school.

The truth is that they are long time friends who I value way more than this blog and I have never exposed them by name, nor would I. A simple request to remove any offensive material would be all that is required or a request to not mention them or any contact with them would get them removed.

Now you know how to get your shit removed from this blog. I do tend to fall in love with what I have just written, but any writer will do that. I know that I am not at all loyal to any thing in the archives by more than a week. So call me. Write me. Yell at me if you want. This goes for my blog friends. I can alter the past because no one cares about history.


DCup said...

Don't your friends want to get famous?

Romius T. said...

you would think....

fro said...

that's bullshit romius t. i ask you not to mention alot of the crap we do and you just laugh. he is an untrustworthy comme.

sincerely, his disparage friend, fro

Romius T. said...

poor disparaged fro.