Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Karaoke & Booze, Armed Robbery and Beef Jerky: The Life and Times of RomiusTexis or life in the little city of Tempe.

The longer my titles run on this blog the shorter my entries have to be. I've always liked that about my blogstyle. I'd ask you about your opinion if I cared, but I don't. Because you're not an artist like me. That's why you keep refreshing your browser to this URL. That and your pedophilia. I know you hope that I've got another JailBait entry waiting for you. You sure are a sick muthafucka. But I won't tell your Mom, or your babysitter.

What I do have for you is the story of the Armed Robbery that I failed to notice. Despite the fact that I was less than 3 feet away from the crime when it took place. That'll teach me to eat out at Mexican restaurants.

Actually that's the end of that story.

I'm hoping my new tag Tempe, Arizona finds it way into Google's rankings. My hope is to get all you people out of this city. Too much traffic. And I don't like people staring at me when I am waiting for a bus. I am what they call a "high self monitor." By "they" I mean my Psy. 101 textbook.

I was gonna hang out with Knows it all this weekend. But she's in bed by 9 P.M. My dead grandmother keeps later hours.

I hear talk that I might be turning pro again. As in Pro Poker Player. If my last trip to the casino is any indication of my skills. Let's just say that I'm pro just like an Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman is a pro.

Hugs from Tempe

Romius T.


Evil Spock said...

Good to have you back and blogging sir.

Romius T. said...

why thank you evil spock