Thursday, December 08, 2005

I once fucked Lindsay Lohan in the back of an El Camino.

She made me wear a Wilmer Valderamma mask, it was kinda humiliating. I have one of those portable DVD players and she insisted we had to have That 70's show reruns on in the back ground.

I am not the only person perplexed by Lindsay's crush on WV the folks over at The Superficial are simply terrified of Wilmer "He is obviously some sort of alien and/or demigod, because there's no other explanation for his Sauron-like hold over hollywood starlets. I'd like to ascribe Lohan's ongoing obsession with him to either 1) a bad father, 2) drugs, or 3) general whorishness, but can't. This whole thing is like an episode of the X-files. I just hope Lindsay figures it out before she ends up in a space-pod on Rigel-7."

Couldn't agree more.

P.s. I am totally buying another El Camino with my student loans this year. Thanks, Uncle Sam!

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