Wednesday, February 27, 2013

like an old friend with no where to stay

anxiety is back, forgetting that i am working so hard to keep it at bay.  staying off of drugs, limiting my alcohol intake.  no beers whatsoever.

the salts go on my feet and absorb into the cavities, pressing inside me

much like our shared dignity on this planet

you can shake your leg, and stare at the red plastic tumbler and take advice from the high and mighty.  everything is self-created.  therefore we have only a subjective corner to cry in.

>b/sorta chubby, but not too fat
get into argument over meaning of life
>sound like schizoid.
get told to create meaning
go ahead she says, "it's easy once you stop taking the easy way out."
decide to tug on toenail instead
watch puss drip out
think about making sausage for breakfast
b 3:20 in the pm
make sausage and eggs in tortilla with cheese


fiona grimland said...

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s + e + b said...

Let me set you straight: "on this planet" is WIDER than anything "ön" the planet itself. Therefore the whole afternoon must be transformed, must be expanded(Romius T. scaled down to the toe (I don't want his read of subatomic physics. What is going on with the stars and the brass in pocket?). Tweedledum Mountain, and me testing whether I need my big toe (a great toe on a grand stair), to go downstairs. I've been down that mountain, Camelback? I was flying.)

So it's man's afternoon, we got miso soup and kimono. The sun rises twice. The atomic flash is not so much a blast as that I just melt in one spot.
I bid you get well. There is never enough time to do it right, but always time to do it over.

Hey, Fiona. Are you this fantastic girl? Nice make-up.

Romius T, do you know her? You see her?

ben buckle said...

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Humaun Kabir said...

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