Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are most people bad?

 I think so, but I don't know.

I think I am, and I KNOW you are.

You dig into my pockets, and you take the change that isn't yours.

You do nothing to end world poverty.

So we can't decry the other. (We are him/her.)

 We can't avoid our own duplicity.

(You see!!!???)

Except by watching reality television...except by seeing Jesus in every snowflake, in every thrust of the Nigerian plunderer, (condomless, exploding his seed into your virgin infants crawl space, but curing his AIDS.)


If we are all bad, then so what?

Who am I to care/ I don't.


So hence no Morality?


which is the case when you write shit and no one understands it
which is the case that all you motherfuckers that come here don't get
that I am leaving the shit out that you should know
but that most of you don't

dont fuckin' tell me I am wrong in saying this:

"The most obstinate thing I can see is a fat man in gym clothes."

Don't tell me I am fuckin wrong about that.

Look the fucking word up.

You people are getting me so fucking angry here.

I avoid writing.  

Why?/because I suck.  Also, because you won't get anything, even if I didn't suck.

I'm not here to write. 

 Only one crazed reader understands that.  He is PRAISING himself now, but he is slightly correct.

I will write almost every day now.  I will podcast again.  The words must leak out.  We can not worry what the random person who reads only one post will think.  Surely, you will misunderstand things.  This is necessary.

Marx said something to the point in his introduction to Capital.   About never being properly understood.  Let us make no certain understatement.  The method of the Dialectic is not a method of scientific understanding.

I will make no appeal to it whatsoever.


Lisa Golden said...

That's some great writing. I didn't realize you were still here bleeding it out on the blog.

Romius T. said...

Hey, Lisa! Long time, eh? Thanks. Ya I'm still blurbing out some stuff now and then.

Lisa Golden said...

Hey! It has been a long time. You may call this blurbing out some stuff, I think it's brilliant. I'd love to be able to write like you do.

P.S. I've been trolling my feed reader these days instead of opening blogs. New job, long commute. Sorry I haven't commented in forever.

Romius T. said...

You are super sweet, I've always thought you wrote hella better than I could. Nothing worse than a long commute to sap your free time from you! I hope all is going well though for you!

Lisa Golden said...

No no no. Your riffs, your open thought pattern, the way you string together words and hit the reader with some image we can't look away from? Talent.

Things are good. I have a job I like, that isn't too mentally taxing that pays okay and has great benefits. After being out of work for two long years, I feel like I finally caught a break.

I hope you're doing well. I'm glad you're still writing about your wild life. I dig it vicariously.