Thursday, February 09, 2012

I hate slavery

I like to fill my search history full of things like "how to buy slaves on the internet" just for WTF fun when friends and family come over.

But that's the kind of guy I am.  Full of clever shit and funny jokes.

 That's why I got all the bitches.  Tons of 'em.  So many bitches that if you dweebs need one just let me know.  Drop me a comment and I will shoot you over one of my overflow.  Shit's going on motherfucker, I got bitches galore.

I got so many bitchez that guys are always asking me about how I got so many of them.  Well it wasn't cuz I was rich or good looking. Hell no.  No way motherfucka.  Shit bitchesz don't even like that shit.

Bitches want a strong ass motherfucka that can decide for them all the shit they can't decide for theyselves.  Like what's for fuckin dinner and such.

You ever get caught in one of those conversations where you are trying to decide what to have for dinner with your significant other? Well all you gotta do is just tell her where you are going.  Say it like, "We bee eating at Subway."  Bitch we be all like she don't want to eat there but don't fucking worry about that shit.  Just get all adamet  about it and be like, "Look I don't like that other shit, I want some goddamn Subway!!!"

Bitch will look at respect with you.  First time in your life probably.  Next of course she will complain to her friends.  "That dick don't let me eat where I want."  Never tell her friends her pussy got wet.  Never tell her friends she went down on you in the parking lot after eat'n Subway.

You gotta look out for bitches cuz Bitches is slaves.  Always want to be told what to do.  And the thing about slaves is the only thing they know how to do afterwards is complain.

Ladies you wanna make things easy?  Just tell yo man where you wanna eat. If not if yo pussy get wet when you are told to do, shit, then shut the fuck up and eat Subway.

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thimscool said...

Someone had to say it.