Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Why talk about your three inch penis, when we all know that yo dick yo is so large that tribesmen teach their indigenous children that Mother Earth rests on the top of your cockhead?  Is it because you still want to do something with your life?  That's a delicious topping of ass crack.  Some would say that's a good sign at least compared to 2011.

But that's a belief that will kill you.

Here's another idea.

You are not great.  You are not special. You do not have a large penis.  Even if you did, you are fantastic at only turning women off.  You disgust the human yearning for aesthetics.

You will never be rich.  You will die poor.  You will die younger than you should.  You will die like the Kenyan from some preventable disease.  I will laugh at you as you die.  As you take your last breath.  Those of you without anxiety can ignore my truth, but if you had some anxiety you could understand it.   You could identify your tormentors.  You could identify the true victims.  But you are too stupid.  You are still too full.  Your food stamps cover up your failures.  Your unemployment will run out one day, but it will be too late.   You will be sectioned off.  Your shopper card, your ss# your credit score will segregate you to the land of hopelessness.  They will stop TREATING you at emergency room hospitals.

(It already happens.  You are fucking dying. The doctor knows it.  He just won't get paid if he treats you.  Ask him.  What's more important in your file: your medical history or your credit history.)


But he is not the enemy.   He wants to heal you.  Some part of him at least. (There are humans out there, a small minority.) But soon he won't understand why he'd ever want to help you.  Why?

Fuck the poor.  They stink.  They are stupid.  They are drug infected.

That is the truth.  I deal with the poor.  I am the poor.  We are fucked.  We always have been.

We all have the hope we get  to be middle class.  That's what we mean by everyone can be rich in America. But at last we are losing hope.  Soon we will all know there is no chance of getting rich.  Soon even the stupid figure out shit.

Fuck you when that happens.

Not really.  Nothing will happen.  This is not some foreign country., this is America.  We go down with the ship.  We are the Japanese that do not understand that WWII is over.  We are not the empirical beings are critics hope us to be.  We are fanatics about being Americans.

That's why we walk past homeless people, it's why we abandoned our homes after our interest rates skyrocketed, it's why we sing the star spangled banner at halftime, why we have military planes flyovers, and why we interview the military on gameday. It's not because we are more militaristic than anyone else, but because we are fanatical than most . We are fanatical about being American.

I know we don't seem fanatical to ourselves.  But we are fanatical, my friends.   It's why we don't understand/why we don't care about facts/why facts won't matter and never did.

We are fucking fanatics,  AS FANATICAL as FUCKING ANYONE!!!

You will find this out.  They will keep fucking with us, society will continue to break down.  We will still believe.  Ask DETROIT.  It's a fucking third world country, but they have no clue they stopped living in American years ago.

OWS is not enough.  It has already overextended itself.

Good bye America.

Happy New Year.

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