Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dry Panic

There is  a dry panic setting in me today, despite the percocets.  I feel like I am doomed to die soon.  I woke this morning to more pain in my back.  The pain is not overwhelming, so that's not why I am worried.  It's just that the pain is not supposed to be there.  The Diverticulosis is supposed to have gotten better by now.

"A couple of days is the usual recovery time."  Said my doctor at the ER.  But it's been a couple of days and I am not better.

I was going over my hospital discharge records and I noticed that CT scan cleared me of inflammation of the colon, of the appendix, of the gall bladder.  All good things.  But for some reason, even though we did two CT scans, the doctor was unable to see the bladder.

He did not order a third CT scan even though I came into the ER complaining of bladder pain.  I also noticed that I did not see anywhere on my chart a complaint of bladder pain.  Despite the fact that I told the nurse specifically that the reason I called off my vacation and went to the ER was that I was experiencing bladder pain.

At the very least I am certain that there must be some inflammation of the bladder.  I have frequent urination.  I have painful urination.  It could also be there is a a puncture in my colon that has melded (a fistula) into my bladder which causes pain from the feces draining into areas that it should not.

This morning I had chills.  A sign of infection.  A little diarrhea.  Two times, but then it stopped.  I took a perc to calm down and take the edge off my pain.  Percs can give you constipation, which maybe hiding another symptom like drug resistant diarrhea ( a side effect of the antibiotic I am on.)  More things to worry about, folks.

I am thinking about going to the ER later today if the pain is still there.  Maybe have another CT Scan.  If I wait and go the doctor appointment tomorrow I think they will just tell me to wait and see if   it gets better.  I am sure a regular doctor's office doesn't have access to a CT Machine.  Either that or they will ask me to go to some other office that has one.  Another visit.  Another co-pay.  More wasted time.

I'm quite worried that I will need surgery to repair all this.  I have no idea how I'm going to pay for this.  I have no idea how I can live without going to work.  Worse, if I miss work, my insurance coverage goes away.  (A neat little trick to make sure that really sick people don't get coverage.)

You got to love this country.

A big FUCK YOU to all the Republicans out there that say that in Europe and Canada they have to deal with rationing of health care.  So do we.  Only this country rations based on money, access to good jobs, etc.  Not rationing based on reason, like who is the sickest etc.

We get what we deserve.  We let these fuckers fuck with us.  We let them try and gut the clean air act, we let them give millionaires tax  cuts.  We let them sock it to the poor and elderly.

Why?  Because we all want to be Donald Trump one day.  We are the morons in line at the grocery store with two carts of groceries and 20 dollars in cash wondering why we can't afford to get everything we want and then getting indignant as soon as some one points out the folly of our situation.

When will we learn?  Never is my guess.  The same guess as the ruling class every morning when it wakes and pours itself a big bottle of $2, 000.00 wine.

They laughing at us.

Bottoms up assholes!


Anonymous said...

I find your attack on republicans a little offensive. As a single pharmacist (categorized in middle class still making over 6 figures), i am in no means getting a "tax cut." However, I do pay close to 50% of my gross earning contributing to the poor and the elderly. I consider it the "right" thing to do as a US citizen.

Romius T. said...

Actually everybody got a tax cut this year. Those in the highest brackets got a large tax cut.

What I am upset about is the false dichotomy that most non thinking people set up that social care for the sick means "rationing" when the market "rations" as well. Some people think the moral thing to do is to take care of the sick. Some do not. Most of those people who think society should not help are republicans.

The vast majority of your money goes to defense, war, interest, social security, medicare for the elderly. the rest is left for the poor on medicare. I'm not on medicare. I have private insurance through my job. But even they don't pay if you get sick and can't work. How does that make sense? If you are sick you can't work!

In addition, republicans and their latest tax plans are calling for huge tax cuts for the wealthy to be shouldered by making cuts to the poor and medicare. That's a fact. I'm "offended" by that. So I guess we have to both be offended. P.S. First time visiting my website? Because all I do is offend people here. including the people i like and that like me. It;s my thing.

Beloved Parrot said...

Get your bladder back to the hospital asap; find the same nurse if you can and remind him/her that your complaint was originally bladder pain!

Alecia said...

"Why? Because we all want to be Donald Trump one day."

Amen, man. That's the reason hella people vote against their interests.

Also, AZO (this shit: http://www.azoproducts.com/products/azo_standard) makes pills to kill the burn-while-you-pee sensation. They work really well. Also makes your piss dark orange! 2 for 1!

veach glines said...

I find your attack on people who are easily offended a little offensive. As a single starving artist (categorized below the poverty level but still making over 20K, and nonetheless not feeling guilty enough about it not to mention it here in this stupid comment), i am in every way getting a "tax cut." However, I don't have enough disposable income to contribute to the poorer or the more elderly (unless you consider my 20 years of military service as contribution?..I consider that the "right" thing to do as a US citizen.)

PS: Am I in the right place? The "Fuck Republicans" line?

Romius T. said...

Veach, I'm not quite certain I understood your comment.

I will try and respond anyway.

Certainly someone in your position has contributed a great deal to our society.

20 years of military service is commendable (even if I am a pacifist.)I don't think you should be paying taxes at all, you are't making much money. (You make as much as I do.)

I am upset with republicans who think you should pay more in taxes while the very rich need and deserve a big huge tax cut.

As to your comment about getting offended. You know well that easily offended people should not visit this website. I don't apologize for my over the top delivery. It'[s the only way to break through to some of the world.

veach glines said...

Are you sure you've decided not to imbibe in those things which alter your perception/memory?

My comment was clearly (underline and bold that last word) a dig at your first commenter's comment. It's almost word-for-word with obvious changes made for the sake of irony.

But you knew that, right?!

Romius T. said...

I wasn't feeling great when I answered your response., veach
I get it now