Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bringing PCP back

I've been going around telling people that I am on PCP.

You don't hear a lot about PCP anymore.  Just a few years ago PCP was all the rage.  Black men took the drug and wandered aimlessly in the streets looking for white cops to attack.

The cops would try and subdue the crazed drug addicts peacefully, but it never worked, and inevitably the poor black man on PCP would be gunned down in a hailstorm of bullets.

All this gave PCP a bad name.

But the drug is not that different from robotripping (a very popular way of getting high on cough syrup that your teenage daughter has probably tried with me.)

If you tell your friends in the Loli chat room that you "robotrip" with teen girls they don't get upset, but whenever you bring up  your use of PCP they get "scared of you."  In addition all your friends stop inviting you to attend their 3 year old's birthday parties.

"I make a fucking funny clown on PCP" does not get you very far with soccer moms in these days of bicycle helmets and cell phoned preteens.

You might wonder why PCP?

I like it because I don't take shit  from you after I take PCP.  And normally I am the kinda  guy who just sits there and lets you berate him.  I never yell back at you so you think what you do is okay.  It's only a few hours later when I think back to what you did that I get really angry about the situation.

Whenever I see someone getting really angry it confuses me.  The world goes all surreal and I can never understand why people are so upset about the things they are getting upset about.

Let me take that back.

Because that sounds like I don't get upset about stupid stuff too.  I don't want you thinking that I am superhuman and above getting frustrated about the little things that bother us all.

What I don't understand is why you people explode and let loose all your emotions into my world.  Like somehow getting mad at me or the world does something.

I never yell at people in public because I feel like if I get mad at a person I am making a kind of universal claim in the manner of Kant's Categorical Imperative.  "It should be the case that you being out of bubble gum always allows me to yell at the clerk," or "whenever I am late to work I get to scream at the old man slowly crossing the street."

My mind can never make the jump to universalizing my emotional response, so I figure I should just keep that shit to myself.

I'm guessing none of you have a filter, a universalizing aspect to you morality, and that's why you tend to just hop around like some kind of pre 1980's PCP drug taker whenever you don't get your way about something completely unimportant.

I mean you never see people shouting in the streets about genocide or healthcare (except at tea bagging parties).

I guess that's why I'm going around telling people I'm on PCP.  I want you to worry that I might go crazy over nothing.  I want you to understand what it feels like (as the only moral human left) when I encounter you fucking savages at the gas station.

I'm want you to understand that you need to adopt the Categorical Imperative as a moral filter before we all lose it and I start punching you in the face all because I'm now on PCP (which ironically is quite a calm drug in a relaxing atmosphere of internal soul questing and reality testing.)


thimscool said...

Some Tolstoy?

But the time is coming when, on one hand, the vague consciousness in his soul of the higher law, of love to God and his neighbor, and, on the other hand, the suffering, resulting from the contradictions of life, will force the man to reject the social theory and to assimilate the new one prepared ready for him, which solves all the contradictions and removes all his sufferings--the Christian theory of life. And this time has now come.

We, who thousands of years ago passed through the transition, from the personal, animal view of life to the socialized view, imagine that that transition was an inevitable and natural one; but this transition though which we have been passing for the last eighteen hundred years seems arbitrary, unnatural, and alarming. But we only fancy this because that first transition has been so fully completed that the practice attained by it has become unconscious and instinctive in us, while the present transition is not yet over and we have to complete it consciously.

Your primitive Christian instincts have made you a criminal.

Romius T. said...

Appealing to the Marxist in me by bringing the dialectic in to the argument is sound strategy. Unfortunately my opinion of the dialectic is at odds with this Hegelian interpretation, I do not believe that synthesis moves us forward or to a higher ground. It may reconstitute the contradictions but we have little way of knowing how that is until afterwards (Marx said that the dialectic was a tautology.) So in other words we don't know for sure that the next movement in thinking consciousness will be higher or lower or just different.

You are right that my primitive morality makes me a criminal though!

Romius T. said...

I just clicked on the Tolstoy link so let me read that and get back to you!