Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't go reading anything into this post

"It's not imaginary." I told her.  "I don't just make stuff up."

She took one look at me.  She looked at my bald head.  A few stray hairs standing around alike the last survivors at the Alamo.

"We surrender! We surrender!"  I could imagine them saying.

"No quarter!"  The little Mexican Banditos would say.

She looked at my bald head with the few stray wisps of hair and my fat jowls and laughed her vicious little laugh.

"You're just a fat Piggy!" She giggled.

"You do not have swollen noids!"

She was doubled over with laughter.  She was pointing at me with her index finger and brushing the hair out of her face.

"Quit it!"  She bellowed.  "You're killing me!"

"Fuck you!"  I thought to myself.

I thought about last night when I came in her.  How she let me get on top of her.  I thought about her getting up and turning around and doing 'reverse cowboy' on me.

I laughed a little myself.

"I am glad you are not going to be so serious."  She said.  She must have thought I was laughing at myself the way she was laughing at me.

"You don't know."  I said solemnly.

We sat down in the kitchen at the breakfast table.  We did not have a dining room table in the 1 bedroom apartment.  So the breakfast table doubled as the dining room table.

"I guess it triples as the lunch table too!"  I thought.

Great.  I am being snooty to myself.

"Why do people put themselves out there when all they get is ridicule."  I asked her.

"Hell if I know."  She said.  "I am gonna be alone forever."  She said in a mocking tone.

"How do you plan on doing that?"  I asked her a little indignantly.

She looked at me crossly.  She picked up the napkin ring that was sitting in the middle of the table.  She tossed it violently at the living room wall.  It smashed against the wall with a crackle, exploding into a million shards of plastic wood.

"That was fucking crazy."  I looked in the eyes.

"It was a bit dramatic."  She agreed.

Then she shrugged and got up out of the chair.  She walked over to the bedroom and checked on the kid.  He was still asleep.  Apparently he had gotten used to living with his crazy ass parents.

"At least he can sleep."  I said glad that something good could come out of all this.

"No fucking shit."

Teri plopped down on the hide a bed sofa that doubled as our living room sofa.  We got tired of putting the cushions on it so the sofa stayed in bed form most days.

William was stretched out on the sofa watching TV.  William was in high school and I was sure his parents were wondering where he was.

I was not sure how Teri knew William.  I just knew they were "friends."

"Don't be so fucking jealous!"  Teri would tell me whenever I asked her how she knew Will.

"Anyway.  I am allowed to fuck other dudes."  She told me.

"Remember?" She asked referring to our little agreement.

"So are you fucking him?" I asked my cock tingling a bit.

"Not yet."  She answered.

Teri ran her hand under the sheets.  I could tell she was holding hands with William under the sheets.

"I need to get to bed."  I told them.

William looked up at me worried.  "You don't want to drink a few more beers?"  He asked like a scared puppy.

"We're out of beers."  I informed him.

"I wish we had some weed."  Teri added.  She looked over at William and his eyes got glassy.

"Me too."  He whispered.

I had enough.  It was a long walk to work and I had to get up at 6 in the morning.

"Only 4 hours for sleep for me."  I said to no one.

Teri snorted and snuggled up against William.

The TV was blaring Montel Williams.  Some woman going off about her baby daddy.

I got off the sticky fake leather chair.  I walked to the bedroom and opened the door.  I walked in and closed the door softly.  The room was pitch black.

I kicked a toy and stifled a yelp.  The kid stirred a little in his crib, but did not wake up.

I laid down on the bed after peeling myself out of my jeans and underwear.  I kept my t-shirt on to protect myself from the chill in the air.  My nipples were hard and rubbed the cotton t-shirt uncomfortably.

When I got under the blankets I noticed I had a hard on.

I could hear the Montel Williams show go into a commercial.  It was one of those long 2 minute informercial style commercials.  A magic bullet blender.

I tried to imagine what William and Teri were doing on the sofa together.  I could not hear any squeaking from the bed, nor did I hear any moaning.

When Teri came to bed her she smelled like she had given him a blow job.  But she said nothing happened because William said he was afraid of getting caught.  He also said he wanted to smoke some weed and wasn't in the mood to fuck unless he could get some.

"We're out of fucking weed!"  Teri whispered harshly at me.  Her breath coming out at me like a copper penny.

"I know." I reminded her.

"I need to get some fucking sleep."  I reminder her.

"It's already 5 am."  She said with a little too much glee.

"Great."  I told her.  "I am going to be dead at work."

"Call in."  She advised.

"And just what the fuck do we do when rent comes around?"  I snap at her.

"I don't know."  She replied.  "I was just offering."  She added lamely.

"Offering to get us kicked out?"  I turned around to face her pulling the blanket with me.

"Oh, fuck me!"  Even in the dark I knew she was rolling her eyes.

"Are you hard yet?"  She asked grabbing for my dick.

"Not yet."

She put both hands around my cock rubbing furiously to get me hard.

"I am so fucking wet."  She announced.

"I thought I heard the baby move."  I close my eyes and try and will a faster hard on.

"Shhh."  Teri warned me.

She pulled me on top of her.  I slipped in easily.  She let out a quiet moan.

"Did you jack off while I was out there?"  She asked.  Her voice gruff with desire.

"A little." I admitted.

"You better have not cum."  She said sternly.

"I didn't!" I said quickly.

We fucked for a few more minutes and then I let out a squirt of ejaculate on her belly.

"Good Boy."  Teri praised me.  "Don't go getting me pregnant again"


Anonymous said...

i cringed

Karen Finley said...

Hey, get off your ass.

Romius T. said...

ARe you THE karen Finley? Just curious. I have been sitting on my ass. I am trying to think of reasons to write. You know like if I suck so much maybe I should just stop. I had a okay idea. But I did not get home in time to get it down. So I am waiting for inspiration. So far. Nothing good.