Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The whole thing is a mess

I can't see out of my glasses. I can't remember when I bought new ones but it was probably a while back. I've seen homeless people take better care of themselves and their appearance than me.

I ate bacon for dinner today. Bacon, eggs, two pieces of white bread, 2 Dr. Peppers, and a handful of green M&M's. Because I care about my health.

Last night I caught myself in the mirror while jacking off. The whole thing was disturbing. I was hand fisting myself--all intense like-- while watching some YouTube video that you would never consider sexual, but that's because you're into normal shit like horse and donkey porn.

The guy I looked at was me but I would have never guessed that. He looks just like the middle aged fat guys on I mean I was scary and I know scary. The lights were off and it was dark and the mirror image of myself could only be seen because of the flickering lights of my computer monitor (down to 55% of the screen because the monitor is going out.)

I should go drinking again tonight. I have 30 dollars in my account. I think I could get drunk on $20. Drinking would leave me with 10 dollars but that is ok as I get paid Thursday.

My insurance company is pissed off at me. They want me to phone them and tell my side of the story of my accident. The story goes like this, "I sure hope it was that guys fault as I can not afford a 1000 deductible."

I need some new jeans. All my slacks touch the ground over my shoes because I never find my size on sale. I just buy whatever pair of jeans are on sale and fuck that I need a size 30 (or even 29 inch length--I have short legs.)

All my clothes don't fit and the ones that fit are starting to fray.

This is uncomfortable for me. The older I get the less it is possible for me to fake being middle class. Maybe I should just embrace my middle lower class status and stop fighting the slow path of entropy I am on. I am not middle class. I just need to stop pretending I am lower middle class.

The mp3 player I bought from a kid at work is dying on me. The battery has finally had it after a year and a half.

Aren't you glad I am posting again?

Maybe we should hear from Romius T. soon. I miss that guy. He seems to know what he is doing and what he is talking about. I for one have no clue.

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